brandonfcwe: Miss being out there with the bro. Gotta hit LA soon

justinbieber: #venice





justinbieber: Throwback




ldubzs: Beautiful Views …


alfredoflores: 2 years ago we lost this precious angel. Such an impact on so many lives at such a young age. #RIPAvalanna 👼

@justinbieber: Battle to the death





carlenabritch: #TBT Getting touchy feely with @justinbieber at the 2012 American Music Awards. #AMAs #JustinBieber #BeautyAndABeat

veniceskateboardingstuff: The beibs @justinbieber scooped up the globe geminon 38 this week from our windward shop off @milo_08 and shredded the skatepark with @isiahhilt

justinbieber: Refect




Team Bieber: What year does Justin’s roman numerals tattoo represent?


Team Bieber: 🍨👅👍




Team Bieber: See the Weekly Roundup? Watch for an upcoming contest, you could win an item JB wore on the Believe Tour!! Hint: it’s in these photos ;)


Team Bieber: 2 years. We love you, Avalanna 💕 – Team Bieber

Justin Bieber: Chill



Team Bieber: #TBT NYC 💪😎



Team Bieber: Anyone else stoked to be halfway through the week? 😁

Justin Bieber: Hi