Джъстин в казино Morongo в Cabazon, CA (22.02)



matthewespinosa: Just posted a vine w/ this dood, check it out!


justinbieber: @westcoastcustoms


djkhaled: Young kings 👑@djkhaled @justinbieber #WeTheBest


soundz: Workin wt a genius!


soundz: My current tuation… What we doin biebs!????? Yeah siwe got sumn for em


sunfacelegend: were blessed.


Team Bieber: From the vault: Mexico City 📷


Justin Bieber: Jesus Christ ! You scared me !


Team Bieber: #Sunday________ ? 😏


Team Bieber: 💪👍


Team Bieber: #repost Ryan Butler 💣😎


Justin Bieber: I just want to be an inspiration to all


Team Bieber: Happy Saturday ☺️


Team Bieber: Bustin’ a move

Team Bieber: So sweet 🌹