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@selenagomez:Cartersville, Georgia. We shootin a movie.


@selenagomez:Work. Today. I love my job..


@selenagomez:Hi. This is the Fundamentals of Caregiving. Watch us in a theater soon. Well let us shoot, edit, hopefully not re-shoot, then release it.


@selenagomez:A little tbt because my boys called me mad at me @codysimpson @justinstirling the night the fam made dinner for us. 💜



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@selenagomez:I promise we are adults.


@selenagomez:Hint #2 #iwantyoutoknow 💜








@selenagomez:A bestie always makes sure she ain’t hanging out 😂 #kayimdone #homesick #friendsick


@selenagomez:In the past month I have gotten into 3 legitimate food fights. Yup


@selenagomez:Me too


@selenagomez:missing la and this punk, just a little tonight ☺️ shooting starts soon!! Eeeeekkkk –Fundamentals of Caregiving!!


@selenagomez:Hotlanta Blues


@selenagomez:Meet Trevor and Dot. @craigroberts10


@selenagomez:Swim, shower, script then studio ☺️ have a great day erbody #face




@selenagomez:Monday walks ☺️💜




@selenagomez:I’m sorry last one, but I just love every single thing about this pic 😂💜 sums up every event, ever in history.




@selenagomez:The guys were, happy 😂😒


@selenagomez:My angel forever






@selenagomez:Happiest of birthdays to bubba and such an incredible person. Love you inside out @codysimpson -here’s to more ☺🎉️💜




@selenagomez:Oh happy day making the bestie annoyed #vocalrest #shelovesmeforeverandever #needsleep








@selenagomez:Made my team baskets for the new year ☺️ WME , Interscope, PMK and Brillstein #teamsg #theyputupwithme #2015


@selenagomez:Peregrine falcon


@selenagomez:The luckiest girl in the world. So grateful! 💜 met the most beautiful people in this country. It’s so special here. ☺️



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@selenagomez:Thankful for these kind hearted fools. 💜🙏☺️#jumeirah #love


@selenagomez:This is how we eat here!

This is how we eat here!

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@selenagomez:k I’m completely trying to be real model-ly type. Not working lol. Oh well pretty, wonderfully hearted people shall do instead.


@selenagomez:Honestly the absolute best way to end my year. @alexanderdeleon -the best ever, gentleman/bodyguard. Hope you all have a blessed new year! #hoteljumeirah


@selenagomez:Guess who came matching 😇 HAPPY NEW YEAR


@selenagomez:Morning! Philippians 3:14 #mydubai #jumeirah ☺️💜


@selenagomez:We love Dubai ☺️ beyond grateful for a great crew to ring in the new year. #mydubai




@selenagomez:Pashminas and candles under the stars




@selenagomez:Plane rides tho… #emirates


@selenagomez:Sissy and I #forlife


@selenagomez:So many generations ☺️


@selenagomez:Family arguments over desert #typical

Family arguments over desert #typical

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@selenagomez:Texas bound with this chick @ashley_cook ✈️ #itsthemostwonderfultime #exceptairports





@selenagomez:NY fam time ☺️


@selenagomez:Exciting things to come!!! THANKS TO THIS HOT MAMA @carlynecerfdedudzeele 😍🌟


@selenagomez:Guess who’s officially an Interscope artist ☺️ #thisiswhatdreamsaremadeof


@selenagomez:@alfredoflores 💜


@selenagomez:Love to my Hillsong fam. Always. Video in bio. Be sure to grab FOR YOU ☺️ #AMAs

Love to my Hillsong fam. Always. Video in bio. Be sure to grab FOR YOU ☺️ #AMAs

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@selenagomez:I mean it’s my bff birthday weekend so…. @taylorswift #NYC @sweetbcreations for doin me up 🙂


@selenagomez:@ninezeroone @nikkilee901 @riawnacapri ✨✨✨✨✨ #901OG #4life


@selenagomez:road trip to the studio


@selenagomez:@mariannefonseca 💜💎




@selenagomez:I have not only been following her career as a fan since I was 8 and now get to watch her completely transform in her new movie CAKE, I have gotten to have real conversations with such a real heart, made my entire year. #cake #goseeit




@selenagomez:Le @tapehead_ @leahhaywood @robellmore 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶




@selenagomez:My favorite time of the year 🙂 have a great day everyone! God bless


@selenagomez:Our bestest guy friend in the world is leaving us for a month. @justinstirling 😊



@selenagomez:What the next 4 months will look like. -Even in my hotel rooms. You guys, I’m beyond excited for what’s next. #2015


@selenagomez:Last min hang out with my Hillsong fam. Goodnight everybody! God bless




@selenagomez:Espresso for the grandmas. #iwannagohomeandmakecookies #dinnerparty @gigihadid







@selenagomez:Werk momma ☺️ #igetitfrommymomma


@selenagomez:Spending a lil more time with my baby cousins before I leave. I don’t wanna go home 😔 @xomaddiebearxo 💜


@selenagomez:Yup. #mexitexans #mychildhood ☺️

Yup. #mexitexans #mychildhood ☺️

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@selenagomez:Also thankful for my LA family. ☺️ so blessed to have so many people I can love on and have by my side. God bless everyone! 1 Corinthians 1:4-5


@selenagomez:Thankful for my forever crazy family. ☺️


@selenagomez:My babies ☺️ 🙏


@selenagomez:Not a better way to end my night. Surrounded by SO much love. ❤️






@selenagomez:@lucille_houston @jessbogard -our ladies in charge. So happy to have my ladies before my performance tomorrow! ☺️


@selenagomez:#AMAs tomorrow. : @alfredoflores

#AMAs tomorrow. : @alfredoflores

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@selenagomez:@mariannefonseca @raquellestevens @courtneyjbarry @ashley_cook #ladiesnight ☺️


@selenagomez:Eeeeekkkk #AMAs

Eeeeekkkk #AMAs

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@selenagomez:Sia bia #2015 ☺️






@selenagomez:Rehearsing for the AMAs. Wasn’t prepared for how nervous Id be, I mean I’ve done this before. But now it’s just me. All of me.



@selenagomez:@davidhenrie and I have spent many years driving and doing our sing alongs but we have to agree that we are pumped and proud of Carrie for releasing such a powerful song. #somethinginthewater #generationchange #davidcantsing


@selenagomez:Daddy and daughter date #spurs ☺️🙏


@selenagomez:Be present. 🌟


@selenagomez:Speaking to 20,000 students @WeDay was inspiring – now you can watch the whole show on @MTVCanada! Tune in on Nov 11 at 8 ET/ 5PT! #MTV #WeDay


@selenagomez:hi cozy feat. man in red truck


@selenagomez:#whatdoesyourheartwant ? Ready?


@selenagomez:@Ashley_cook and I happy after Unlikely Heros event. We donated! Now… Don’t judge me. But we are jamming the radio the whole way home! -just in case.


@selenagomez:This is me hearing my single Heart on the radio for the first time. I tried to catch it properly but.. Yea. #aghkhbghh 💜




@selenagomez:My baby @gwenysloco sent me this 💜#bestmorningever

My baby @gwenysloco sent me this 💜#bestmorningever

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@selenagomez:You can now get ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’ and pre-order my new collection ‘For You’ right here –




@selenagomez:4 am and my girls woke me up to say congrats on finally releasing Heart! @courtneyjbarry @raquellestevens I love you! #immagobacktosleeptho #ihavethebestfriends ❤️🙏


@selenagomez:I have been waiting so long to share this with all of you…the video for my new single „The Heart Wants What It Wants.“


@selenagomez:The Heart Wants What It Wants

The Heart Wants What It Wants

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@selenagomez:“…But I can’t imagine, a life without, breathless moments, breaking me down.“ … #November


@selenagomez:As I have a last listen, I thought a lot about my year. I thought a lot about my voice. And after a year of holding on. I think it’s time to start sharing. #November


@selenagomez:@itsashbenzo @vanessahudgens sissys in Paris


@selenagomez:Good mornin! Psalm 30:5 #gingerOJ ☺️


@selenagomez:Regram @lacma


@selenagomez:Such a beautiful, inspiring night at @lacma 💜 x Gucci


@selenagomez:What I did for Halloween. Be safe everyone!! God bless


@selenagomez:too many thoughts

too many thoughts

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@selenagomez:love my girls so, so much ☺️




@selenagomez:From hotel room album listening parties, kitchen dance floor album listening parties to driving on the pch, windows down album listening parties. -The best part is we were the only ones there. Each time. So happy, honored and proud to know you and your diaries. @taylorswift #1989 BUY IT!!! -now I’ll listen live from drowning in my bed sheets.


@selenagomez:behind the scenes






@selenagomez:Trigger Street family. Exciting things to come. @sammyrayedroke #producermode 🙂


@selenagomez:“I Wish You Love“ -Frank Sinatra. Tonight.


@selenagomez:Naughty @gwenysloco






@selenagomez:Kind of beyond incredible/cool/rad that you started your own hashtag on being confident in yourself. Loving yourself first. #shareyourbeauty #yas


@selenagomez:Goodbye Vancouver. Hello Los Angeles.


@selenagomez:The truth. My joy. #WeDay


@selenagomez:#WeDay prep @alfredoflores


@selenagomez:Unbelievable show! #WeDay




@selenagomez:words of wisdom. #speechless


@selenagomez:We Day. Ready for mañana x


@selenagomez:Prepping, rehearsing and beyond enjoying my company for Free the Children, WE DAY. My second time here and now hosting the dang thing! Can’t wait for my trip 🙂 go check them out at they are truly remarkable!


@selenagomez:@arisjeromephoto @bartolistyle @ninezeroone




@selenagomez:Uno mas


@selenagomez:@arisjeromephoto @bartolistyle @ninezeroone


@selenagomez:Happy Sunday! @Ashley_cook @vanessahudgens n Austin! ☺️ 💜Hillsong






@selenagomez:Chanel x Tom Ford #oliviapopestyle





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@selenagomez:Papas girl. Folks, I’m home. Mark 2:1


@selenagomez:Today is our 7th anniversary. ☺️ sorry I’m crying in the past two posts. Lol. Proud of my Wizards family. This is where it all began. Alex forever.


@selenagomez:This morning at @bishopjakes The Potters house. Unbelievable message. Had me in tears. Thank you Bishop for reminding me why I should always keep going.


@selenagomez:And so it begins. Design meeting @Adidasneolabel Colossians 3:23




@selenagomez:Left Ellen to only end up eating more. Thanks @matthewkoma


@selenagomez:I’ve only been @theEllenshow for 20 min. Sums it up.


@selenagomez:This mornin’. Gardening and my own iced coffee with A LOT of cinnamon. He



@selenagomez:👼 princess




@selenagomez:@childrensla team Connor


@selenagomez:I genuinely feel cheesy sometimes promoting certain projects but this one.. I’m not in a whole lot of but I can’t even begin to express how beautiful this movie is. And every single person in it. Parents, peeps -this one is absolutely touching. SO proud of Bill Macy! Check it out. #RUDDERLESS


@selenagomez:☺️ Dior




@selenagomez:slumber party x out takes x Psalm 46:10


@selenagomez:Papa has ears that truly listen (sometimes), arms that always hold and love that’s never ending.


@selenagomez:@nicolasghesquiereofficial 💜





@selenagomez:Thank you @louisvuitton for such a beautiful evening! ☺️


@selenagomez:ladies night in with Alice in her wonderland ☺️


@selenagomez:thank you @degrisogono_official and Fawaz Gruosi for my purty jewelry ☺️ #PFW







@selenagomez:One of the many, many reasons y’all inspire ME. #spreadthelove #weinspireeachother I 💜you


@selenagomez:@chaelynne -it was too good.

@chaelynne -it was too good.

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@selenagomez:BUT I gave myself pigtails to feel better so there’s that ☺️😎 #ifeel6 #rayandhisbans


@selenagomez:Woke up with a cold 😒 my day.


@selenagomez:Tried my best @sukiwaterhouse 😋




@selenagomez:last night.




@selenagomez:What I love to end my day to.


@selenagomez:#neorunway @adidasneolabel it’s starting.




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@selenagomez:NY bound.peaceful trip. ☺️ I smuggled my hot Cheetos. They were the kind with lime though.


@selenagomez:#chelseafinale with my soul sister @vanessahudgens ☺️ tune in tanight



@selenagomez:Thank you Jen for my pretty Jennifer Meyer S necklace ☺️#Itgottangledlikesixtimes #seventhtimesacharm #getit


@selenagomez:Hey @chrissyteigen wanna dance off?

Hey @chrissyteigen wanna dance off?

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@selenagomez:My sweet, sweet Sarah #OG


@selenagomez:Valentino x Saint Laurent ☺️


@selenagomez:@felicityhuffman Bill and @benkweller Variety here we come!!


@selenagomez:My nana just sent me my first ever news clipping. I was convinced I could help her through pre K. Cause you know, it’s brutal. Naps and stuff. #spreadthelove


@selenagomez:Jamming with Bill and @benkweller for Rudderless. Can’t wait x


@selenagomez:Weave is back 🙂 hehe #901 #seatbelt #passengerselfie #hashtag


@selenagomez:💜 you never know.


@selenagomez:Oceans -Hillsong church „spirit lead me where my trust is without boarders“ so beautifully written. Have a great morning everyone! ☺️

@selenagomez:Wait, what are they about to do to me?! -thought it was a treatment @ninezeroone


@selenagomez:Casual look back for Adidas. SO. I’m working with adidas NEO Label on the #NEOrunway, a special fashion show created by YOU! Watch to learn how you can get involved so I can give you a shout out!


@selenagomez:Such a goodie ☺️ @gwenysloco


@selenagomez:Nominated. 24 hours. @caradelevingne @sukiwaterhouse @jamesfrancotv

Nominated. 24 hours. @caradelevingne @sukiwaterhouse @jamesfrancotv

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@selenagomez:Accepted!!!! @ryanseacrest @taylorswift my whole team is donating! 💜

Accepted!!!! @ryanseacrest @taylorswift my whole team is donating! 💜

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@selenagomez:Procrastination at its finest. This is me reading all your lovely/hilarious tweets before bed.


@selenagomez:Just got sent this one again. Princess Courtney 💜





@selenagomez:Saint Laurent x Miu Mui x Dior #foryall #thistimeididnttrip 👍


@selenagomez:Why do I always make this face?! I can’t help but get all emotional and mess up my words but man, I am more in love with you guys than ever. Weather it’s tweet or a surfboard. THANK YOU for your embrace. No matter what.


@selenagomez:Guys, that happened in real life and not just in movies. Narration by: @taylorswift

Guys, that happened in real life and not just in movies. Narration by: @taylorswift

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@selenagomez:This photo was NOT posed. Kinda. But I think they liked my cooking! 👍


@selenagomez:Post work out meal ☺️ my nana would be proud of my meal today. Yesterday’s was.. Tragic.


@selenagomez:Inspired tonight. I have a la la, smooth, feel good kinda song I’m trying to get out. That makes sense right? #fiji #mini


@selenagomez:Can’t wait. Such an incredible story, so honored to be apart of it.



@selenagomez:Fall/winter 2014 NEO Adidas.


@selenagomez:Oh and that one time I hiked that same day and got lost so… pose. Right? #literallyhadnoideawherewewere #itwaspretty #hashtag


@selenagomez:@chaelynne and I have some good roots. *wink face* #famday


@selenagomez:The future


@selenagomez:A little mommy and me day is just what I need ☺️

@selenagomez:Haha pulled over to buy some lemonade from these littles. They were the freakin cutest.


@selenagomez:Thank God for Emma and Andrew. What are you up to on your Sunday folks?


@selenagomez:Little pink fringe for ya. What am I looking at though?

@selenagomez:A little throw back during warm ups.

A little throw back during warm ups.

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@selenagomez:@ninezeroone ladies killin it and stuff. Thanks for making me feel cooler than I am. ☺️


@selenagomez:Almost @gwenysloco … Almost. 😒

Almost @gwenysloco … Almost. 😒

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@selenagomez:Aw that was fun. I tried to give my self a „tattoo bracket“. Don’t ask. My Nat! but I miss Alex. Hi Alex!

@selenagomez:Win the chance to come hang with me at adidas NEO Label’s next big event in New York City on September 3rd! Register here to enter Ill bring food and clothes and stuff.







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@selenagomez:Thank goodness my dress was comfortable. But annoyingly long. I tripped… A lot.


@selenagomez:@simplychocolatecph for my cake. DUDE, the most incredible chocolate. Ever. And I like chocolate. ✋

@selenagomez:Thank you SO much for my birthday wishes ☺️ -this has been the BEST birthday yet! THANK YOU!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

@selenagomez:Ocean hair


@selenagomez:It’s nice to have an impromptu bday photo shoot in the lobby. It had GREAT acoustics. 👍 #JudyGarlandallnight



@selenagomez:One of my favorites songs in the world was written by this lovely man. Tony Renis! already an amazing birthday ☺️#geekinout #butimfeelin22

@selenagomez:Last day!

@selenagomez:Besos ❤️😍

@selenagomez:Set up camp here to watch the sunset and juice stuff ya know? Guess I was doing it wrong. Eh.

@selenagomez:Sometimes you wanna dance 🙂

Sometimes you wanna dance 🙂

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@selenagomez:Ti amo

@selenagomez:Makes my heart beat fast ☺️ ☺️☺️☺️

Makes my heart beat fast ☺️ ☺️☺️☺️

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@selenagomez:And of course to be clear, I am not picking any sides. I am praying for peace and humanity for all!



@selenagomez:Please pray for those families and babies today. Please always remember what’s important in life. It’s not any of this. We are here to help, inspire and love. Be that change. #wearethenextgeneration

@selenagomez:I am so sorry I couldn’t get to all of you!! ❤️ you very much. And be safe!!

@selenagomez:Hehe #day20 #squatitout #tooeasy 😂



@selenagomez:Obsessed. #myfacetho 😂 I mean, my ❤️.


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@selenagomez:I told them I would 🙂

@selenagomez:My fav opi look from my line ☺️#nailsdidhurdid

@selenagomez:DOL. Notice what my shirt says… Hehe

@selenagomez:Nat and I listened to this song every day while shooting our movie.. I wish I had a time machine.


@selenagomez:Beyond proud that my line has been going strong since I was 17. I’ve only wanted to make quality. I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed every second of my hard but fun work. ☺️☺️☺️☺️#90s baby

@selenagomez:I may have been born in the wrong era. SO good.

@selenagomez:Art by @bangbangnyc –from my first to my last. It’s always this fool.



@selenagomez:Honestly, I don’t speak up much because it’s simply *always* taken out of context. But I don’t take bullying well. I have seen too much to not say anything.



@selenagomez:I’d rather be Alex today. Again. My littles!!!

I'd rather be Alex today. Again. My littles!!!

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@selenagomez:Day 2 x harmony x Miami



@selenagomez:@parisroberts1@atlantabean NY☺️



@selenagomez:@parisroberts1 „why does everyone do the kiss face? I don’t get it.“ ..guilty. Unfortunately.



@selenagomez:#zoesaldana #womenempowerment you are all so beautiful the way YOU are. No bigger or smaller. You all inspire me.

@selenagomez:Mafia babies

@selenagomez:Hi New York. ☺️

@selenagomez:That’s who you wanna wake up to. #promise.

@selenagomez:And usually always right.

@selenagomez:You’re always listened to.

@selenagomez:I don’t know. I’m on my way you know.

I don't know. I'm on my way you know.

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@selenagomez:Always said I was going to end up there, but I guess that’s where it was meant to end.

@selenagomez:Seriously Taco Bell.. #IOrderedALLofthem #icameinforonething #again #sugarrush #hashtag


@selenagomez:July 4th, 2014


@selenagomez:Class never runs scared. It is sure-footed and confident, and it can handle whatever comes along. Class has a sense of humor. It knows that a good laugh is the best lubricant for oiling the machinery of human relations.




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@selenagomez:I swear I came in for ONE thing.

I swear I came in for ONE thing.

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@selenagomez:Night time. Surprise Ferris wheel.



@selenagomez:Fabulously/intensely dealing with sinus problems. Clearly. #blamethe70sflarepants

@selenagomez:soy valiente



@selenagomez:Fell asleep with lyrics, waking up with lyrics..


@selenagomez:@charmladonna our Parisian faces tho 😂


@selenagomez: Yup


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@selenagomez: Tacos, live music and candles ☺️ such a beautiful night with beautiful people.

@selenagomez: Canada! Why the heck are y’all SO amazing?! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank YOU, thank YOU. Ill be right back.. Just wait ☺️🙈 #MUCHMUSIC

@selenagomez: Poems with @steviemackey

Poems with @steviemackey

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@selenagomez: Goodnight

@selenagomez: Mavis is getting big. #hotelT2 ☺️

@selenagomez:I got to play pretend tonight. I was many characters.

@selenagomez:“It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you came from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.”



@selenagomez:Did I come home for a 3rd grade graduation? Duh.

@selenagomez:Danced all night with KP, then total girls night in talkin till mornin #theyjustwannnaaaa#ohhhhgirls

@selenagomez:This is how we do, da do. @marycharteris@caradelevingne@sukiwaterhouse

@selenagomez:My London, madenessss @ashley_cook@misssophiedickens@temcsweeney

@selenagomez:@samsmithworld -absolutely killed it babe!

@selenagomez:@misssophiedickens in our @allsaintslive jackets 🙌






@selenagomez:@chaelynne airportin


@selenagomez:Sari, not sari. 🙏

@selenagomez:Taking my power back.. can’t wait to show you where I’ve been. I love y’all. Ps, I still obsess over pickles.


@selenagomez:Ah, @gagosiangallery art exhibit for Harm!! So proud ❤️

@selenagomez:My aunty @lorraineschwartz continues to make me feel so pretty 🙂 love you!!!

@selenagomez:@olga_sorokina_irfe@lydiahearst@eli_miz such a beautiful night at #abtgala -they do beautiful work.

@selenagomez:I’m not sure I can express what kind of woman she is, all I can say is she changed my life completely. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you momma.


@selenagomez:May or may not have bought way too many paintings. I couldn’t resist. Estoy enamorada ❤️


@selenagomez:@mirthamichelle book launch din! Letters, To the Men I Have Loved. Congrats mama! Besos x

@selenagomez:Um, @_marissamarino and @seama901 flew out for 24 hours for me! Love you ladies! Thank you! #901OG


@selenagomez:My first MET Gala, *sigh* I felt like a princess who totally downed an entire pizza after. I’ll never forget last night ☺️🙈🙌

@selenagomez:They found me to tell me y’all told them I was a fan!! 😍 🙌

@selenagomez:@DVF@jessicalba@jessicajoffe We are ready ☺️

@selenagomez:@lorraineschwartz preppin


@selenagomez:Them is EVERYTHING tho 🙌 allofme

@selenagomez:@officialdolbysel trying on some spring looks 🙂 dream out loud


@selenagomez:iheart filterz


@selenagomez:Love my pastor and his family so much! Don’t know what I would do without them. @judahsmith Jesus Is tour!



@selenagomez:Still I wonder why it is.. I don’t argue like this, with anyone but you

@selenagomez:@steviemackey mornin


@selenagomez:Paris photo fun


@selenagomez:Then tea… K. I’m done 😒😂

@selenagomez:Make people smile today



@selenagomez:Tonight we saw the one and only, Chelsea Handler


@selenagomez:And they told me I don’t need to worry.. I might stay in bed all day.





@selenagomez:I go back to, black

@selenagomez:He is risen, @judahsmith just thank you



@selenagomez:@heartoflosangeles you do amazing things for the children of Los Angeles. Thank you for letting me stop by!

@selenagomez:She won’t stop

@selenagomez:Dreaming today.. So happy with the new season 🙂 (I worked extra on ma sweats fur sure! Hehe)




@selenagomez:SO good. Finally. Can’t wait for June

@selenagomez:Day 1

@selenagomez:@ryanfoundation -we just makin people smile and stuff on insta 😉 SO honored to be apart of the Seacrest foundation.


@selenagomez:That one time I had ma Latina texture going on.. Or just.. everyday.


@selenagomez:Yay!! Thank you KCAs, all the kiddies and my die hard franz for voting. Happy girl. Now I want sushi. I LOVE you more than you can understand ☺❤

@selenagomez:secret project

@selenagomez:Hello, good mornin



@selenagomez:#Weday -unbelievable time. So inspired and hopefully encouraged many!!


@selenagomez:… Secret project

@selenagomez:Balboa Parkin

@selenagomez:🎀 accessories



@selenagomez:Ladies being ladies. Ladies night.


@selenagomez:NY. I had a lovely time 🙂 I’m sorry I couldn’t stop at the airport! Love y’all.

@selenagomez:Houston, thank you 🙂


@selenagomez:Reunited and it feels sooo good 🙂 TX always makes me proud #littles #realmexicanfood #home

@selenagomez:Hidalgo, I’ve missed this 🙂 ill see you soooon




@selenagomez:@vanessahudgens my only, official party buddy for life 😉 💜


@selenagomez:„Funky town“ @zooeydeschanel

@selenagomez:By far the coolest award I’ve received -Young humanitarian award! Beyond proud to represent UNICEF since I was 17

@selenagomez:baby hairs

@selenagomez:.Baby hairs

@selenagomez:My heart

@selenagomez: Dear Marie


@selenagomez: White out

@selenagomez: Who doesn’t live for a good hair whip

@selenagomez: Its not about what you have, its what you can give. Whatever it is. #sup #goodmornin #yesistillthinkitsmorning #ihavethebestblackedoutcurtainsever #hashtag

@selenagomez: „Why are you doing a photo shoot with a McMuffin at 7am?“ -Sam #ilovehipsta #notaprettyeater #ehwhatever


@selenagomez: Extra whip cream please! Dessert before dinner. Duh.

@selenagomez: Jet lagged


@selenagomez: 4 years now… Love my girls so much @riawnacapri @nikkilee901 #901OG

@selenagomez: I’ve done everything I could to the best of my ability. Thank you for the unconditional love and cyber hugs. You inspire me.

@selenagomez: Just stoked you were born dude




@selenagomez: @officialdolbysel

@selenagomez: Coming soon, just for you. #dreamoutloud




@selenagomez:Taking a picture of a picture




@selenagomez:Watch out for some exciting @adidasNEOlabel news coming on February 4th…

@selenagomez:Apple cider and my girls ☺ Happy new year my loves ❤ love you all endlessly

@selenagomez:@ashleycinqmars @chaelynne my ❤


@selenagomez:Just a Saturday night. Taylor’s tea, Demi’s laugh. Honestly, can’t complain.

@selenagomez:@mdmolinari photography #🎶

@selenagomez:Sia!! Thank you soooo much for taking me to Britney!!!! Ahhhh

@selenagomez:Finally home ☺

@selenagomez:Ok so my phone IS about to die and clearly I’m using way too many emoticons… I am obsessed. Y’all are amazing and fun and cute and love able 💜😜👍✌✋😍😘😚😗😙😈😻👸🙈🙏💃💃 (see told you) xx

@selenagomez:Ahhhh. This lovely lady I just met on our 4 hour delay, lol donated to UNICEF!!! 💜


@selenagomez:Gomez is my last name. Werd


@selenagomez:Me and my new friend on tha plane jus respondin to messages. ❤ ☺ she’s so rad. She offered my an orange. #werk



@selenagomez:Hahaha this is fun

@selenagomez:Miss this.. @itsashbenzo @vanessahudgens 💜❤💜



@selenagomez:The eyes 😍 so much love


@selenagomez:Merry Christmas!! I am beyond thankful for my family, my friends and YOU. Each of you have made me incredibly happy and I only want to continue to grow with you! #redmakesmefeellikechristmas #fansentmethisphoto #iloveyou #werk ☺

@selenagomez:Gracie helping me cook christmas dinner ☺



@selenagomez:I’m the happiest I’ve been in a while.. So blessed and thankful for the future, for release and to finally be happy for those I loved..

@selenagomez:Tonight we accidentally played ‘who wore it best’ with Katy and Sammy feat Sia.. Blending in with the carpet 😂 such beautiful company!

@selenagomez:Needed some Wonder in my life tonight..

@selenagomez:Happy birthday benzo, you celebrated my entire birthday week with me. I miss you and wish I was with you to do the same 😦 love youuuu 💜




@selenagomez:Chicago nights.


@selenagomez:🎄 ☺

@selenagomez:Man, vine has become more and more about inspiring. SO thankful for people like this. ESPECIALLY men. ❤

@selenagomez:🎄 flo’s Santa ❤💚 #HoHo

@selenagomez:fLaunt. Reflect what we feel.

@selenagomez:I have to have my rock star moments.. Pris clearly needs Gatorade tho


@selenagomez:Let’s tell people they are awesome today.

@selenagomez:Came out as Save but my shirt said Brave…

@selenagomez:Baby, I miss u @chaelynne it’s not la without u 😘

@selenagomez:Christmas activities… I’ve missed the commons


@selenagomez:That face –@charmladonna you my face muse tho 😂

@selenagomez:…..almost ready

@selenagomez:But tomorrow…. #NFL #HalfTime #IMready

@selenagomez:Xxxx 😘

@selenagomez:Then Ohio ☺

@selenagomez:Illinois, Chicago

@selenagomez:Oh hey

@selenagomez:Minneapolis, I 💜 u

@selenagomez:You matter. I listen..

@selenagomez:If you know who you are, it takes all the power away from that negativity.. I promise.

@selenagomez:Missing you both


@selenagomez:Indianapolis tonight 💜


@selenagomez:St. Louis last night 😘

@selenagomez:Dream out loud.. That’s what we do everyday

@selenagomez:#littleselfie 💜

@selenagomez:Kansas City

@selenagomez:Yay -I’m finally able to annoy her again. Missed this.

@selenagomez:Then Colorado went and did the same thing… Y’all make me smile. Thank you

@selenagomez:Salt lake 🙂

@selenagomez:„A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.“ -Lao Tzu 👍


@selenagomez:Then Seattle… One of my FAVORITES. So cozy

@selenagomez:San Jose 💛

@selenagomez:Goodnight Vegas 😴

@selenagomez:It’s Vegas.. Sparkle time 💎

@selenagomez:Oh Vegas.. 😏


@selenagomez:San Diego! -safety reasons I couldn’t go far to take pics. I’m sorry 😔 ❤y’all x

@selenagomez:It’s just the evidence of forever. No matter what @ddlovato


@selenagomez:LA blur ☺

@selenagomez:Staples. Home 2.0 ✌

@selenagomez:I look evil and he looks thrilled. Awesome 😏

@selenagomez:AZ 💜

@selenagomez:@pmdeleon22 and I when we were just tots. The dinosaur on Priscilla’s shirt was the show that ended up being my first job ever, that then lead me to where I am today. Being home made me remember that ANYONE can achieve their dreams. No matter who you are, where you are from and what you want to do with your life. Please never give up. I love you all for believing in me. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU 💗

@selenagomez:😍 DALLAS

@selenagomez:MY HOMETOWN ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

@selenagomez:Feels SO good to be home. Hi Dallas. I hope I make TX proud. ☺


@selenagomez:Yesss. I die 😍

@selenagomez:It’s ONLY about this. #myfans #mylove #me #fam

@selenagomez:BUT wait… I. Mean. My #littles 😍😍😍

@selenagomez:Families 💗

@selenagomez:San Antonio, TX!!!!

@selenagomez:And on to the next..


@selenagomez:… thank you so much

@selenagomez:Then Tampa..

@selenagomez:First was South Florida..


@selenagomez:Me libertando

@selenagomez:Off duty

@selenagomez:Sometimes it’s a Russo thing ☺

@selenagomez: selfie


@selenagomez:Mi familia. #tourfam #mydancers #brasiL ❤

@selenagomez:💋 atl love

@selenagomez:Atlanta, GA #2rows 💜


@selenagomez:My bus guests this evening #mysisnbruna #brasil


@selenagomez:Nashville. I needed tonight. Thank uou


@selenagomez:Louisville, Kentucky

@selenagomez:Hershey 😋


@selenagomez:He’s in it 😝


@selenagomez:Perfect vision


@selenagomez:my littles ☺


@selenagomez:Philly, you shined too bright. Literally. 😳 😍 😍😍💋

@selenagomez:Hur did by @_marissamarino #ubetterwerk

@selenagomez:Toldja 😘😘😘

@selenagomez:Never ended such a beautiful show in tears because they wouldn’t allow me to Instagram tonight. Completely heart broken and pissed. Thank you SO much Brooklyn. Ill be stoping outside Letterman tomorrow to make it up if you can make it. I love you guys more than you know. Promise.

@selenagomez: werk

@selenagomez: Everything

@selenagomez: Buffalo. Sup


@selenagomez: I 💜 u

@selenagomez: Spending time with my cousin and her man… #3rdwheel #singleladyproblems #futurecatlady #werk

@selenagomez: 305

@selenagomez: #noNew

@selenagomez: Ok.. We deserve a night of.. just this. #USlesGo

@selenagomez: Braided babies in Boston ☺☺ I. Can’t.

@selenagomez: wicked awesome 💋💋💋

@selenagomez: Boston

@selenagomez: See I love my dancers because they love y’all just as much as I do. We used real fan posters on stage last night. Let’s make it a thing? K.

@selenagomez: batman

@selenagomez: 📷

@selenagomez: 💋 PA

@selenagomez: Pittsburg, PA 💜


@selenagomez: 💋

@selenagomez: US… READY??? Fairfax, VA ❤


@selenagomez:Lily and Jules lovin

@selenagomez: And Dubai to tha right 💜❤💜 I never want to leave!!

@selenagomez: Dubai!! To my left ❤

@selenagomez:Social media

@selenagomez:Gettin beautified for ya Dubai music week. #BeAtinya #imgonnasweatitalloff

@selenagomez: Tell them my girls get anything they want. We are BeyondBlessed.

@selenagomez: But it’s about quality not quantity.

@selenagomez: To be great, learn from the greatest.

@selenagomez : miLann


@selenagomez: Vienna, Austria ❤💜

@selenagomez: 💋

@selenagomez: Milan!! *sigh* my photos came out a little blurry. BUT you were bad!! So amazing!!

@selenagomez: Dubai Music Week I’m comin.. 🙂

@selenagomez: Until neXt time Germany 💋

@selenagomez: Tourist life 📷


@selenagomez: Frankfurt, Germany

@selenagomez: te amo

@selenagomez: Spain…. 💋

@selenagomez: forever

@selenagomez: 💋

@selenagomez: Lisbon, Portugal

@selenagomez:Well hello Lisbon

@selenagomez: Till next time


@selenagomez: Yup

@selenagomez: London. Night 2

@selenagomez: I’ve adapted

@selenagomez: G’nite London

@selenagomez: Imma geek in 💗

@selenagomez: 💜


@selenagomez: London. Night 1

@selenagomez : Hi London

@selenagomez : Night Paris x

@selenagomez: CraZy horse

@selenagomez: Je t’aime


@selenagomez: Paris

@selenagomez: X


@selenagomez: When in Belgium

@selenagomez: And remember, nerds need love too #amsterdamluv #goolucck

@selenagomez: Goodnight

@selenagomez: 😄

@selenagomez: 😄


@selenagomez: AmsterDaM

@selenagomez: I see Amsterdam outside my window..

@selenagomez: Amsterdam

@selenagomez: Tagged. Until next time Norway.

@selenagomez: oSLo

@selenagomez: Oslo, I love you.

@selenagomez: Red hair, she don’t care

@selenagomez: 🍒 Cherry

@selenagomez: Sweden sweet💗s

@selenagomez: And my littles ☺ *sigh*

@selenagomez: 💥

@selenagomez: 😘

@selenagomez: Stockholm lovin 😎


@selenagomez: It’s starting again… Copenhagen 😍

@selenagomez: Getaway.. 😁

@selenagomez:#afterMath ❤

@selenagomez:Thank YOU guys for voting! ❤ ☺

@selenagomez:In complete shock. Anthony Mandler and VMAs! Thank you for my first moon man. 😍



@selenagomez: TORONTO turnt alllll the way!! ❤ You

@selenagomez: ❤



@selenagomez: Oh, Montreal.. I haven’t cried like that for a while. I ❤ YOU! Thank you

@selenagomez: Thank U

@selenagomez: ❤



@selenagomez: 😍😘


@selenagomez: 😊

@selenagomez: About to be an over post BUT Ottawa deserves it after tonight!


@selenagomez:Getaway time 🙂

@selenagomez: Now, I hurt. Everywhere.

@selenagomez: Winnipeg love ❤ you guys reminded me why I’m so in love with what I do tonight. Best show yet

@selenagomez: 🍒


@selenagomez: Saskatoon

@selenagomez: Cuddlin with Ricky Bobby

@selenagomez:After hours


@selenagomez:Edmonton ❤


@selenagomez:The focus



@selenagomez:I run away. A lot.

@selenagomez: Vancouver!! We had FUN! Can’t thank y’all enough for an AMAZING 1st show!!

@selenagomez: Biked 9 miles today. Not sure what I was thinking considering tonight is my first show. It was completely worth it.

@selenagomez: Ran away before the show.

@selenagomez: No helmet. Rebel.

@selenagomez: Dressing room flow

@selenagomez:Hi Vancouver ☺

@selenagomez:Met this little at the airport. Ended up on the same flight and gave her tickets to my show hehe I kinda like my job

@selenagomez:Next stop Vancouver! 😁☺ first show!! #starsdance

@selenagomez:brazilians though..


@selenagomez:Bye LA


@selenagomez: Homesick..


@selenagomez: Tour ready… Bringing the Dolce on the road

@selenagomez:Midnight in Paris.

@selenagomez:All about tha hair

@selenagomez:Final notes and touches… #8daysleft #StarsDance

@selenagomez: First timers at sonic… This is very entertaining.

@selenagomez: Boys gettin ready for tour.. But why do they have more shoes than me? #neohookedusup 🙂

@selenagomez: @basiarichard #feelinpreppy

@selenagomez: #YHA we won!! ☺

@selenagomez: Still… In shock 😁#hardwerkk #blessed

@selenagomez: „I’m sitting pretty on the throne, there’s nothing more I want, expect to be alone.“ -Lorde

@selenagomez: #1! From the Stars Dance tour and lil G… THANK YOU

@selenagomez: Nobody can change your mind. You must take that responsibility all on your own

@selenagomez:Under the stars s(he) took my hand and said..

@selenagomez:Selenka loves her Basia 🙂


@selenagomez:But at least I got

@selenagomez:No new friends…

@selenagomez:Now get this… Werk

@selenagomez:Thank you to @bagatellela for an amazing bday!!!! It’s a birthday WEEK! #werk #becauseIcan


@selenagomez:Safe to say, I’m enjoying this very much 😉 THANK YOU for all the bday love! I love you guys so much x

@selenagomez:My cake was… Jack n the box tacos… Yes.

@selenagomez:Guess what… I’m 21. UM, #turnupNOW


@selenagomez:And all that jazz


@selenagomez:Ill be crashing on your couch when the silence gets too loud


@selenagomez:The Motion

@selenagomez:BEAT #starsdance

@selenagomez:Stuck in Neverland forever


@selenagomez:I’m back…. #STARSDANCE


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