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@Sydney_Goodaker: The fact that the author @jayasherguy who spoke at school today met Selena Gomez


@steviemackey: Good day LA 😎🙌 Front porch life with @selenagomez


@courtneyjbarry: You betta werk Land Before Time



@officialdolbysel: ✨How will you wear your DOL?✨



Селена си тръгва от обяд с приятелка (29.04)



Селена отива на обяд в Woodland Hills, California (29.04)



Новата профилна снимка на Селена в инстаграм


Нов стил от Behaving Badly


Селена е номинирана за “iHeartRadio Instagram Award”! Може да гласувате за нея като качвате снимки в инстаграм с тага #iHeartSelena!


@sashclements: So what’s the verdict? Do we look alike?



@adidasneolabel: Effortless.


@officialdolbysel: From Selena’s closet to yours, we’re sending a dose of style your way to help cure the Monday madness! #selenators



Нови снимки от фотосесията на Селена за списание Seventeen (2014)



Селена и Orlando Bloom отвън пред “The Forum”след като са гледали комедийното шоу на Chelsea Handler (Л.А.-26.04)



@ColtonRudloff: And then there was that time @ItsMidnightRed opened for @SelenaGomez

Рядка снимка на Джелена


Рядка снимка на Селена


Рядка снимка на Селена и Тейлър


@steviemackey: Be positive. Be strong. Be faithful. So good to hear this positive message from Pastor Matthew this morning. Thank you Dream Center LA 🙏🙌 #church


@nomura_saya: Chelsea Handler🍸 #ugandabekiddingme


@bela_vr: I feel v annoying


@adidasneolabel: #BTS with @selenagomez


Селена спира, за да си купи slurpee (напитка) 25.04

Селена в California с приятелка (25.04)


Селена е спечелила и трите категории, в които е била номинирана на RDMA


@radiodisney: @SelenaGomez won the #Move #BestSongToDanceTo #ARDY at the #RDMAs tonight!



2014 Spring/Summer “Dream Out Loud”




@tarynzim: WERK @emmakayfox @selenagomez @courtneyjbarry @raquellestevens


@officialdolbysel: Friday nights with #dol


„Rudderless“ ще бъде излъчен на фестила в Кан (16.05)

@despiertaamericatv: When @selenagomez came to #DA #Tbt @karlatvmartinez

@steviemackey: Here’s another shot of us after our amazing jam session yesterday. I have the best job in the world bringing out the best in others. @selenagomez #selenagomez


@citizenglish: Selena Gomez at Poker Night #nbd


Селена с фенове (24.04)


Селена с вокалния си треньор Stevie Mackey (23.04)


@riawnacapri: 🐒A lovely #TBT to #NinasJungle: Ace and her Baby Mouse @selenagomez #ilovethisgirl



@Andrewtheo9: Wtf my dad played poker with Selena Gomez last night…


@Andrewtheo9: Wtf my dad played poker with Selena Gomez last night…


@steviemackey: She just made my day!! The voice of an angel! @selenagomez 😍😜


@officialdolbysel: Getting ready is all about personal style. #selenators #dreamers #dol


@justinbieber: Throwback


@huxch: Allow her to reintroduce herself



@officialdolbysel: Lounging around never felt so good..#dol #sweats #selenators



Behaving Badly



Селена е третата най-следвана актриса в Туитър с 19,5 милиона последователи “Top 10 Twitter Actors”


Селена си тръгва от Marmalade Cafe с новия и мениджър (21.04)


Селена си тръгва от The Commons complex в Calabasas, California (21.04)



Селена си тръгва от ресторант Casa Vega (21.04)


Studio City, California (21.04)





Рожденият ден на Ashley Cinq-Mars



@netflixmartyr: .So jealous of #JuanArredondo because he met the gorg @selenagomez today @Starbucks. Check out that excited face haha



Heart of Los Angeles: HOLA was thrilled to welcome Selena Gomez to our community campus today. The kids had a great time making paper flowers and dying Easter eggs with her.



@Stefdanielleee_: Throw back when I met @selenagomez at Gas Station



@officialdolbysel: Lovely in pink. #selenators #dreamers



Dream Out Loud: Pretty in pink. Selena Gomez


Селена язди кон (Л.А.-18.04)



@mahdisbahri: Please don’t look at my face but she’s perfect @selenagomez



Dream Out Loud: Behind-the-scenes with Selena Gomez



Селена нае нов мениджърски екип. Тя е подписала с WME и ще бъде представяна от нови мениджъри в Brillstein.

С фенове (17.04)




@officialdolbysel: We have everything you love..#dol #selenators

@officialdolbysel: Trends for Fall? You’ll find out soon!


@officialdolbysel: Prep time.



@officialdolbysel: Dreaming out loud today…#regram from @selenagomez



@officialdolbysel: We’re on the set of our Back-to-School shoot with @selenagomez and are giving you a sneak peek! #fashion #selenators

@ashleycinqmars: Versace Versace Versace. #throwbackwiththebests #personalinvites hashtag blessed



Селена пристига в къщата на приятел/ка (16.04)



Селена на път към къщата на приятел (16.04)



Ryan Seacrest говори за новата музика на Селена и ново видео (2:38)

„I saw Selena the other night and she’s got a big new song coming out. And a really cool video she shot. Which the video is interesting…I don’t wanna tell you too much before it’s officially done and this is the one she’s gonna release but the video will get people talking about whether or not it’s about she and Justin. That’s for sure. There are good looking youthful kids in it. I watched it and I looked at her and I listened to the lyrics and I’m like ‘Okay, this is gonna have people talking and wondering’.“


Селена има 8 милиона последователи в инстаграм




Страницата на Селена във фейсбук има над 58 милиона харесвания



Adidas neo



Нови снимки на Селена от фотосесията и за Teen Vogue 2012



Selena Gomez x NEO Summer 2014 Collection




Нови промоционални снимки: Adidas neo


Джъстин и Селена на Coachella (13.04)



@RyanFoundation: We love how much fun @selenagomez & @RyanSeacrest are having in this pic at our event last week!


@kyliejenner: MY FAVORITE PEOPLE 🌼🌺🌸


@CrisProsperi: fav #coachella look @selenagomez, killin it! #SelenaGomez


@officialdolbysel: Happy Sunday #dreamers #selenators


  Селена и Kylie Jenner на the Details Midnight Party (11.04)



Селена с Kylie Jenner в Five Guys (11.04)


@kyliejenner: in n out for lunch five guys for dinner #girlstrip


Coachella (11.04)


Селена с  Kendall и Kylie Jenner (11.04)


Селена и Kendall Jenner с фен (11.04)



@RyanSeacrest: Loved @RyanFoundation event! Thx @selenagomez @HarryConnickJR, and our many friends @CocaCola, @eonline, @iHeartRadio



На летището в Л.А. (10.04)



@weday: @selenagomez stands in solidarity with #Malala as she goes silent Apr 17 for the millions of girls around the world who are denied an education. Follow@MalalaFund and share your own photo to show your support #WeAreSilent



@iputtheindustryonmyback: #tbt to last weekend with these pretty ladies



Селена на летището в Маями (10.04)



@_MIAMIMONSTER: Selena Leaving Miami.


Нов стил от Behaving Badly


Рядка снимка на Селена

Селена влиза в студиото на Джъстин в Маями (09.04)



Селена и Джъстин в Маями (08.04)



@traciebeer: And now this beauty comes to visit 😋



@feelingswaaggy: Best Day @adidasNEOLabel thx for all @selenagomez ❤️❤️❤️



@adidasNEOLabel: Make sure you check out our latest video. Watch @love_jusandsel and @feelingswaaggy make their way to @selenagomez!


Alliance For Children’s Rights (07.04)




@NatalieNchris: SELENA



@rebapmar: Is that #selena #gomez at the #teamadidas #gbcss15?


Селена си тръгва от Shibuya в Los Angeles, CA (06.04)



Селена си тръгва от салон Nine Zero One  в West Hollywood, California (06.04)



Behaving Badly-DVD обложка за Германия



Селена с приятели в Disneyland в Anaheim, California (05.04)




@translucentbrownsugar: Disneyland at night? A different world. Thanks for making me face my fears, guys 💚😊 (Maybe ill even keep my eyes open during “tower of terror” next time…) 💓



Нови снимки на Селена от фотосесията и за списание Be (август 2013)


@sammyrayedroke: Big kids 😁


Селена си тръгва от партито на Christian Combs с Kendall  и Kylie Jenner



Колекцията на Селена за adidas neo-Spring/Summer



Нови промоционални снимки от фотосесията на Селена за  adidas neo



@kyliejenner: Selena&Roses



@kendalljenner: 😙



@kyliejenner: 📷💣



Селена си тръгва от посещение при адвоката (04.04)



Hilarity for Charity: The philanthropists!! Such an amazing event at #WeDay #HFC #EndAlz @selenagomez @Sethrogen



Селена си тръгва от бизнес среща в Л.А. (03.04)


@celeste_xxoo: My moms friend is a producer and today is his birthday 🙂 barely found out today that he’s a producer lol. And this isn’t a joke I swear @lizz_cutiee94 😊 #justinbieber #selenagomez #kennyobrien #producer


Vanidad Magazine (2013)



@lexhymas: we just met selena gomez in st george!!!!¡¡!


@ilzaapereiraa: Ahhhh 💁



@mdmolinari: This #TBT #preciousmoment #covensista #chaneldarling @selenagomez



@nsgrewal: Selena Gomez came to our subway and took a pic with My coworker Antonio who unfortunately doesn’t have IG or else he woulda posted this with the caption: @justinbieber chillin with yo girl. #hijack



@gwenysloco: Flannel Sunday.



Lily Collins: Love you @selenagomez. So proud and inspired. Can’t wait for what’s to come. By your side. #proudfanrightback …



Kid’s Choice Awards

Селена е спечелила Favorite Female Singer’



@ThatEricAlper: Is Hannah is having fun while on tour with We Day? Ummm…yeah. Photo credit: Selena Gomez



Фотосесия MTV Europe Music Awards (2011)



Селена след вечеря в Sunset Towers с приятели (Hollywood-28.03)



Stars Dance фотосесия (2013)


@justchachi: #photoadaymarch #somethingimade & proud of… @billboard #HollywoodRecords Club Play Chart Toppers!!!



Селена има над 19 милиона последователи в Twitter


@officialdolbysel: Don’t miss the trend for summer – pineapples! Wear it best from #dol #springfashion #trend #streetstyle


@officialdolbysel: #Tbt first #dol collection. @selenagomez behind the scenes.



@sammyrayedroke: That time in London Town 🇬🇧 so much love for this one 😊 #lilsis #TBT #missu



Los Angeles, CA (27.03)



@jpl6209: Now only of i could win the lottery this weekend i think my dreams would come true…#vacation



@VanessaHudgens: Spring break forever bitches. #reunion @AshBenzo @selenagomez



@darnellappling: #TBT A visual of Martin Luther King’s (I Have A Dream Speech) #TheyreClassicBeauties 😍


@chaelynne: Happy birthday to my sis @italiarenata 😘🎉🎈💝


@westsidewestboy: Holy crap! Right after she just spoke at WE day we saw her at the airport and got a picture! 😱 #selenagomez


@meghanspooner: Soo, this just happened. Casual selfie with Selena Gomez!! 😍✨ #starstruck #Disneyfan at Oakland International Airport


@_marissamarino: It was a power suit kind of day 👠 Messy tousled low bun to perfectly complement it Makeup by::@seama901 #WeDay #901girl

pacsun: Spotted @selenagomez with our crew at today’s @weday California! @metowe @freethechildren #metowe #weday #freethechildren #pacsun


We Day (26.03)


Речта и

„I hope it’s okay that I take this opportunity to really just spend with you guys and tell you a little bit about my story. I’m not an activist, I haven’t changed the world or led a campaign. I’m here to just tell you my path so that you hopefully can take something away from it because I don’t like being honest with -this is the truth- I don’t like being honest with press and interviews. I like being honest with you, directly. Which is each and every one of you. ‘Cause I feel like I can and I’m just gonna start with the basics. So i’m 21 and my mom had me when she was 16 and i’m from Grand Prairie, Texas and she worked 4 jobs and completely dedicated her life into making mine better. So to me she is the definition of a strong women and I love her so much because she’s taught me those values so much. I have been acting my entire life and I have known since I was first on Barney -you know that purple dinosaur that I hung out with- when I was 7 I wanted to be an actress and I wanted to live my dream and when I was 11 I had a casting director telling me that I wasn’t strong enough to carry my own show. And i’m sure all of you have been told that you don’t have what it takes and that you may not be good enough and you don’t have enough people supporting you and you’re being told all of these things when deep down it’s all you want to do, you wanna be a part of something great. You wanna make something great. And it does more than knock the wind out of you it crushes you when people try to tell you that you’re not good enough. And it almost did for me but there was my mom, next to me, stronger than ever. And she said the most important thing is to always trust in myself. If i’m doing something because I love it…I should do it because I love it and I believe I can do it. So she told me to keep going and taught me to turn the other cheek and let the critics be critics and let us just trust ourselves. You inspire me to be better. We should inspire each other to be better. I’m surround by people who are supposed to guide me and some of them have and others haven’t. They pressure me. There’s so much pressure. You gotta be sexy, cute, you gotta be nice, you gotta be all these things. They tell me what to wear, how to look, what I should say, how I should be. Until recently, I had given into that pressure. I lost sight of who I was. I listened to opinions of people and I tried to change who I am because I thought that others would accept me for it. And I realized that I don’t know how to be anything but myself. And all I really want you to know is that you are changing the world. I’m not changing the world, you’re changing the world and that’s amazing. Please, please just be kind to each other and love and inspire people. The most important thing is that we learn and we continue to learn from each other. Please stay true to yourself. Please just remain who you are. And know that we have each others back. All of us have each others back. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never tried to make myself better by giving in because I have. But I’ve learned from my actions. And for all the things I’ve done I’m proudest of that. I’ve learned from my mistakes. I want you to know that i know what it’s like…figuring out what types of friends you have. You are who you surround yourself with. So I just wanna say I hope I can inspire each and every one of you to just trust yourselves and to love and to be loved. And thank you for allowing me to come up [on stage] and ramble and talk to you guys because this is such a beautiful thing you’re doing. Be proud of yourselves. This is great. Thank you so much for the opportunity for me to come out here and share my story with you guys.“

@Lexi_Bay: @selenagomez I know you weren’t feeling well but thank you SO much for taking a pic with my dad! You made my life! 


Dream Out Loud: All the trends in one shot. On Selena Gomez Layered bangles, cropped top, printed short, crochet beanie, perfect shades. Get the look!



Редки снимки


@ninezeroone: #TransformationTuesday #regram of all @riawnacapri’s and @nikkilee901’s recreations from the #StylistChoiceAwards! 😍👸👸👩👸😍🎨💗 Who has your favorite #look?



Нова снимка от фотосесията за Stars Dance



@taliomirisha: Me and the bae @selenagomez 😘


@klarabarb: @selenagomez 😍😍😍


@amandarivaaaz: This is literally the first celebrity I’ve ever met, besides Beans from “Even Stevens” #excusemyawkwardness #selenagomez



@klarabarb: @selenagomez she pointed at me!



@_whereisjo: Selena Gomez is tall as fuck.


@dianaksalvatore: Singing at the W hotel in Hollywood. Selena Gomez and the young kardashians liked my jam. First row 🙂 😎 #music #hollywood #sundaynight #dianasalvatore



Селена като малка


@EleonoraSiviero: With the wonderful @selenagomez in the 2010




@stevendsays: “I hope you have a better filter than me” @selenagomez #nobu #sorrynotsorry #lookinfine



@brandontgendron: throwback to when i met selena gomez😍😭

@abbiesiegel: MY MOM AND SELENA GOMEZ @selenagomez


Селена си тръгва от хотел Sunset Tower (Л.А.-22.03)


Селена пристига в хотел Sunset Tower (Л.А.-22.03)


@stevendsays: You looked gorgeous last night @selenagomez


  Селена на партито на Jared Leto


@mrlosangeles: Sooo fun seeing my little @selenagomez



@mdmolinari: @selenagomez giving a brother sister vampire witch coven #chanel #rickowens moment. Thanks @huxch 📷

@haileebobailee: SOOODISNEY #selenagomez @reneeburrows90 what a sweetie

Селена си тръгва от салон Nine Zero One в West Hollywood, California (21.03)

@jake_rixton: I see you creeping @scooterbraun !!! @justinbieber

Селена и Кендъл обядват в Joan’s on Third (21.03)

Селена и Kendall Jennerв Л.А. (21.03)

Селена и Kendall Jenner в Л.А. (21.03)

@xokatexo__: #tbt to when I met @selenagomez

sammyrayedroke: Birfday dinna for da boo boo 😜 @raquellestevens #nobumalibu #happybirthdayR$$

hayleypharo: Celebrating the angel amongst us @raquellestevens

courtneyjbarry: Our lives wouldn’t be the same without her

@foulfellow:  I so regret everything about myself this day @selenagomez

@jordankerr17: throwback to the time we met Selena Gomez @VCB5235 @leahge97

Behaving Badly – International Trailer (2014)

Нова промоционална снимка на Rudderless

@tclayew: But first let me take a selfie… @selenagomez 😉

@its_arayaaa: group photo😁👏❤ @selenagomez

@its_arayaaa: #tb to meeting @selenagomez ilysm selena !!💕

@rakizeidan: When you run into Selena Gomez in the Street..😍

@olivier_rousteing: ITS LA BABY @selenagomez #fun #diner #bodyrightnexttomine #hollywood #holidays

@olivier_rousteing: ITS LA BABY #slowdownthesong #diner #party #fun#hollywood


@kendalltooturnt: throwback to when i met my idol @selenagomez

@missnikkihahn: This was one of my fave jobs!! #WizardsofWaverlyPlace #AlexvsAlex @DisneyChannel @selenagomez Loved working w/you ❤

@sarahlinhardt: My cuteass cousin hanging with @SelenaGomez

@D_DELUISE: How cute 🙂

Adidas NEO Label говори за Селена и Джъстин в Туитър

Рядка снимка на Селена

@SarahMOnline: #6 Selena Gomez – Justin Bieber’s 17th birthday party

@drewseeley: “@MuskanHanda: @drewseeley @selenagomez Love the Dance” Me too. My favorite part to shoot.

@taylormn96: My cool dad and

Селена си тръгва от ресторант Kabuki в North Hollywood, California (14.03)

Селена си тръгва от Rockwell Lounge (Л.А.-13.03)

@jonboogiee: #tbt @selenagomez and I on her #WeOwnTheNightTour

greggsulkin: #tbt #wizards #happytimes #career #friends

officialdolbysel: We’ve got Spring fever! Come and get it. @kmart @selenagomez #selenators #dreamoutloud

@adidasNEOLabel: THE MAGIC MOMENT: #SelenaNEOlaunch winner @love_jusandsel meets @selenagomez on the NEO set in New York!

_marissamarino: A weekend in hair ✨#901girl

@officialdolbysel: Ahhh…Spring break- we’re ready! Can’t come soon enough… All items coming to @kmart@selenagomez#selenators #dreamers #dol

Селена пристига на летището в Ню Йорк (12.03)

С фенове в Ню Йорк (12.03)

@alana_johnson11: I MET SELENA GOMEZ!!!!!!!!!

@teenvogue: This is what happens when @selenagomez steals our fashion news director @janekeltnerdev’s phone and goes on a selfie rempage. #nofilter, no problem.

С фенове в Ню Йорк (11.03)

@orgasmicgomez: reunited at last @selenagomez 😘😘😘

adidas NEO (11.03)

Селена пристина на летище JFK в Ню Йорк (10.03)

@justinbieber: ♛

@justinbieber: ♛

@outofmyminddotedu: I just witnessed justin bieber and Selena Gomez she is in front of me… And I tried to get her to sign my pillow pet. He was 500 ft away from me . @justinbieber @selenagomez

@calliesimp_143: I met Selena this summer so basically I have met justin

Джъстин и Селена пристигат в Banger’s (Остин, Тексас-09.03)

Джъстин и Селена в Austin, Texas (09.03)

RodeoHouston  (Houston, Texas-09.03)

Meet and Greet


@misscherryd: it’s always a good time performing with her! @selenagomez #houstonrodeo 😘

Селена с фенове в Houston, Texas (09.03)

Рядка снимка на Селена с Dan и Yael Kanter

@RODEOHOUSTON: @selenagomez is rocking those #RODEOHOUSTON shades! Meet & Tweet video coming soon!

@alluxemusic: Cowboys #HoustonRodeo #rehearsal on a rotating stage #tourlife #poplife #moonlighting #selenagomez (at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo)

@ItsMidnightRed: What a night. Met @justinbieber, performed with @selenagomez & met tons of new fans

@ColtonRudloff: Breath me in, breath me out, so amazun…(@SelenaGomez)

@itsmidnightred: Last night was too fun. That @SelenaGomez is a keeper!

@charmladonna: Sometimes you don’t need a caption, or maybe you do.

@ItsMidnightRed: Tonight was amazing Hidalgo, TX and thanks to all the #Selenators Adoramos a todos nuestros fans

@JoshEliasJL: Selena signed a autograph to a 9 year old. She was really sweet (not to mention hot)

@adriiiii23: Selfie with Selena Gomez

officialdolbysel: Think happy in our rock star shorts. Smile and keep dreaming out loud! #selenators @selenagomez #dreamers

Джъстин и Селена са се подписали на огледалото в танцовото студио

@deadend4: Selena Gomez and I

@gockyy: Just seen #selenagomez with justin bieber at there hotel in McAllen 🙂

Джелена в Тексас (07.03)

@ninezeroone: #Tbt to a couple of our #Oscars #Party people! How stunning are these #901girls?!? 😍😍😍

@selenasrusso : #tbt when I met the bae @selenagomez on NML

 “Dream Out Loud”- Пролет/Лято

Снимки от фотосесията на Селена за колекцията и

“Slow Down”е станал платинен в САЩ.

@officialdolbysel: All new #dol shades hitting @kmart stores. Check them out! @selenagomez #dreamers #fashion

Селена си взима храна от In-N-Out Burger в Л.А. (05.03)

@springbreakers: † † Forgive me father for I have sinned † †

Селена си тръгва от офис сграда в Л.А. (05.03)

Селена пристига на бизнес среща в Л.А. (05.03)

На 08.03. Селена ще пее в Hidalgo, Texas

Селена отива на обяд (03.03)

Селена отива в студио по танци в Burbank, California (03.03)

Селена вече има над 7 милиона последователи в инстаграм

_marissamarino: Style & Grace #Oscars #vanityfair hair:: @_marissamarino Makeup:: @seama901 Styling:: @basiamld

@raquellestevens: ❤️👯

@justinbieber: Most elegant princess in the world.

@Kmart: ATTN #Selenators: Are you ready to sweat in #DreamOutLoud activewear?

the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party (02.03)

@sammyrayedroke: Oscar after after party with these babes 😊

@vanityfair: @selenagomez looking incredible tonight! #oscarsportrait studio shot by @markseliger #vfoscars

@italiarenata: It’s beautiful to witness Latin women that are fighters for this honor #Oscars

@italiarenata: #Oscars #Blessed #ThatSquatThough 💗

@nyongolaflame: Selena Gomez. #NightBefore #backlessdresses#laflame

Селена в Beverly Hills, California (01.03)

Behaving Badly ще излезе на DVD в UK на 09.06

@kristinaguerrero: ”#bigcheeks.” #selenagomez talking to me about her baby sister. Sweetest. @enews #babytalk #loveher#latina

@nikkilee901: Simple and chic ponytail for this lovely lady tonight at the @unicef #unite4humanitygala ❤️Congrats on your award @selenagomez… You do amazing things for this world! 😘 #901girl #ninezeroone

@gwenysloco: Very proud of my friend tonight for being honored as a young humanitarian at unite4good. She keeps the inspiration flowing 🙂

@chaelynne: Unite4good

@nicshlomof: Selena you’re perfect 😍😍

@JaredEng: Congrats @selenagomez on the Young Visionary Award – so well deserved! @variety #unite4good

unite4:humanity Gala

На Селена е връчена наградата “Young Humanitarian Award”  за това, че е посланик на UNICEF

Селена на сцената приема наградата си

@julielynn_: #tbt meeting Selena Gomez on my 16th birthday 🎉👑💁

@NicholasKThinks: Haha, here’s a better one, @selenagomez. I literally have like a million fetus photos of us ❤️❤️

@springbreakers: reminisce over this shit #tbt #springbreak

@NicholasKThinks: Hahahaha, can’t stop laughing at this photo of us, @selenagomez!!! 😂😂 We look so dumb. #fetus

Adidas neo в Sochi

Селена на корицата на списание Atrevida

Рядка снимка на Джелена

Нова/стара снимка на Селена и the scene

Селена пристига на летището в Л.А. (26.02)

Селена се е снимала с телефон на фен

Селена е харесала снимка на Niall Horan в инстаграм

@officialdolbysel: Bring on the shortall weather. If you buy anything for Spring, this is definitely IT! #dol #selenators @selenagomez #streetstyle #fashion

Нова снимка на Селена как седи на пода на летището в Л.А. (23.02)

Adidas Neo

@nolanfunk: “@nolanfunkonline: .@nolanfunk with Donatella and @selenagomez at the @Versace show during Milan Fashion Week!

Селена пристига на летището в Л.А. (23.02)

@LOVEnaaddiinnee: My mom with @selenagomez at Colorado right now … 😩 #ActuallyJealous #SelfieQueen!

Рядка снимка на Селена с Alfredo Flores и Carin Morris

@cheywheeler: Selena Gomez sitting in the floor at the airport super casual what’s up girl I see you.

Селена си тръгва от къща на приятел/ка в Los Angeles (23.02)

‘Behaving Badly’ ще бъде пуснат по кината в САЩ от 05.09

Рядка снимка на Джелена

Рядка снимка на Селена

@annaelimelech: Got that Gomez Fever 😍

@sophiavangeystel: throwback😏❤️

@brynnaflynna: YOU GUYS I JUST MET SELENA GOMEZ 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #selenagomez #selfiewithselena

@darealbrasiliansicilian: #tb brunch with da gals😘 #throback #missuguys #bffs #besties #sundayfunday #freshmanyear #2009 #freshie #freshmeat #chillinafterclass #highschoodays #therealprettylittleliars #teengirlsquad #4bestfriendsthatanyonecouldhave 👸👩💁👧 at Osteria Mozza

Селена в Л.А. (22.02)

Ashley Tisdale: #FBF: Some1 call the glam squad!  Vanessa, Selena Gomez, Sarah Hyland #redcarpet #babealert

@Radiobrady: No big deal. Me and my girl @selenagomez chillin #selenagomez


@selenamrsbiebs: @selenagomez thank u so much, can’t believe this happened one year ago. I love u so much princess.

Селена пристига в хотел Montage в Beverly Hills (21.02)

Adidas NEO Label: Spread the word; the NEO x Selena Gomez Spring Collection 2014 is here! Check it out at

Dream Out Loud: Happy Friday Team DOL!

Колекцията на Селена в магазин на адидас нео във Frankfurt

@mackenzierosa4: throwback to when I met my girlfriend Selena @selenagomez

@jparkitrighthere: Damnn.. Was selena always this fine???? Lol #justinyoudroppedtheballonthisonebruh #shebad

Нови кецове от колекцията на Селена за adidas neo

Селена отива на бизнес среща в Л.А. (20.02)

@itsashbenzo: TBT Paris with my girls 💋

Селена в Studio City (19.02)

@arthurnettocd: Love this man @judahsmith happy to see @selenagomez here right there on the first seat and @luigiglio

@dolbysel : Happy Wacky Wednesday !

@CarvajalHillary: Just with my best shopping👭❤️ #selenagomez

@tannerguastella: Selfies with my girl @selenagomez 😘😍

Нова снимка от фотосесията на Селена за Seventeen

@jonathancord63: Partying with selena except @richquintero

Аdidas Neo

На летището в Л.А. (18.02)

Селена на летището в Лондон (17.02)

Селена си тръгва от хотела в Лондон (17.02)

Селена е била в Лондон заради прослушване.

С фенове в Лондон

Селена в Mayfair, London (17.02)

Селена с фенове в Лондон (17.02)

@joaoschiavinato: Extra whipped cream pleaaaaase!!! Right @selenagomez 😘❤️

Зад кулисите на фотосесията на Селена за adidas neo

@trenttomlinson:Just jamming some Selena Gomez on the way home from church!!

Селена и Niall с фенове (Лондон-16.02)

Селена с фенове в Лондон (16.02)

@silly_billy101: LOVE YOU @selenagomez !!!!

@silly_billy101: @selenagomez THANK YOU !!! Xx

Селена на 25-тия рожден ден на Нина Добрев

 : See Where Selena Gomez Gets Her Fabulous Gold Jewelry—on @YahooShine now:

Cheryl Cole споменава Селена като коментира снимка на nikkilee901 в инстаграм

@jennylimanto: Luckymuch?🙈 #selfiewithselenagomez

@robertamendes_: When you know it’s meant to be everything comes naturally… 💙Can’t believe I met @selenagomez 💙💙💙

@officialdolbysel: All items in @kmart stores soon! #selenagomez#selenators #dreamers #dol @selenagomez

Зад кулисите на фотосесията на Селена за adidas neo

Селена пристига на летището в Heathrow, London (15.02)

Селена на летището в ЛА (14.02)

@sammyreydroke: My lil loverbug 😍 wouldn’t have it any other way 😊#itslove #happyVday

@romeomiller: Waking up to this 😍 @selenagomez & @raquellestevens thanks for making my Valentines Day! Two of the most kind hearted girls I know. Miss you both and I’m bringing back that MVP #HappyValentinesDay🌹

From My Heart to Yours – Selena Gomez #IHEARTDOL

@irindee: tb when I met selena gomez in 2009 at the airport hahha please excuse my face please


Селена си тръгва от салон Nine One Zero (West Hollywood-13.02)

Рядка снимка на Джелена

Селена отива във Face Place (Hollywood, California-13.02)

@jazzytuizerr: Just saw Selena gomez 😍

Adidas NEO Label Collection: Spring 2014

@wrikster: #tbt #2004 #daddydaughtervalentinedance #memorabledate Me and my beautiful valentine’s date 10 years ago.

Селена с приятелка в Л.А. (12.02)

@theacademy: Annette Funicello and Selena Gomez: why are we just now seeing a resemblance?

Фонът и корицата на adidas neo в twitter

@officialdolbysel: We’re spreading some #dol love to our #dreamers and #selenators this week. Love the Spring handbags? Stay tuned for another contest this weekend! @selenagomez #selenagomez #contest

Фотосесия- Adidas NEO Label 2014 Spring/Summer Collection

Зад кулисите-Adidas NEO Label 2014 Spring/Summer Collection

@relsonmandela:buddy bro, youre bombing my magic moment with @selenagomez (@hurricanejoost )

Селена със стилистката си Basia (11.02)

Селена отива на фотосесията (11.02)

NEO x Selena Gomez Spring 2014 Collection

Зад кулисите на фотосесията на Селена за Seventeen

Нови промоционални снимки за for #NEOSneakPeek & #SelenaNEOLaunch

Romeo Millerе коментирал снимка на Селена в инстаграм

Стара/нова снимка на Селена с Carin Morriss

@DakotahRae: cheers to charity. great weekend. c e l e b r a t i o n ! hbd @chaelynne.



@chaelynne: #theplateisnotacake. So thankful for my friends. Thanks for keeping me laughing. Always.

@sammyrayedroke: Sunset birfday dinner with my charbear in da boo 😊 such a beautiful day for such a beautiful soul! Love you @chaelynne

Новите фон и корица на Селена в Twitter

Adidas neo

Here’s the #NEOSneekPeek clue (Black words on the gif)!

@officialdolbysel: Another first peek at our Spring banner with@selenagomez

Селена си тръгва от студио за танци (Л.А.-07.02)

“Stars Dance” е станала златен в Колумбия, като са разпродадени над 5 000 копия

@seventeenmag :The mega-hot @ColtonLHaynes doing his best #SelenaGomez impression 😍😂 Thanks for stopping by!! #17visitors

Нови снимки на Селена от събитието Hollywood Stands Up To Cancer (28.01)

Селена на корицата на Bravo

Селена на корицата на Yeah!

Нова/стара снимка на Селена и Baylor

Нова снимка от фотосесията за Stars Dance

@ENews: Demi Lovato shows her support for @SelenaGomez on E! News tonight

Нови редки снимки

#NEOsneakpeek sketch pad

Селена спира на Старбъкс (Tarzana, CA-04.02)

Нова снимка на Селена с приятелка

Сканове от списание Seventeen

Селена на обяд в Cici’s Pizza (Tarzana, California-04.02)

Selena Gomez – #Unselfie

#NEOsneakpeek: See Selena Gomez’s new collection FIRST!

@officialdolbysel: Are you ready for Spring? #dol #selenators #dreamoutloud available at @kmart stores and online @selenagomez @stylesip

Селена си тръгва от прослушване (Studio City, CA-03.02)

@officialdolbysel: Sneak peek -#dol spring campaign -coming soon@kmart @stylesip @selenagomez #selenators

Селена и Деми като малки

Нова снимка от фотосесията за Seventeen

@caseytwenter: Three wicked cool photos by @Esquiremag of Bill, Billy and @selenagomez from @sundancefest . #rudderless

Селена в ресторант Hugo (Studio City, California-02.02)

Селена ще участва в “Muppets Most Wanted” (излиза на 21.03)

@kurikkkaaaa: I JUST MET SELENA GOMEZ 😱 #selenagomez

@seventeenmag: #TBT: the ah-mazing #SelenaGomez on our 2009 cover (plus her 3 awesome March covers, on newsstands Feb 4!!)

@seventeenmag: #SelenaGomez has the ULTIMATE #17GirlPower! Find out the superpower she wishes she had, her advice for finding your own power, and what she thinks about #Lorde! Click the link in our bio to watch!

@seventeenmag: SO EXCITED that the totally amazing @SelenaGomez is our #March cover girl! Check it out at and pick up a copy on newsstands Feb 4! #17girlpower

Селена на корицата на Girl’s World

@jaymichaels13: Ran across this incredible pic w/ the gorgeous & talented & so much fun @selenagomez loved the hang girl! Xo

@lovealexisley:#fbf I miss these girls.

Селена в The Little Cafe  (Tarzana, California-31.01)

@adidasneolabel: Get ready. She’s coming for you.

@a_juhhh: vibin’ w. the ever talented..

Селена си тръгва от кабинето на доктор (Tarzana, CA-30.01)

William H. Macy говори за Селена на премиерата на Rudderless (след 4:32)

Felicity Huffman говори за Селена на премиерата на Rudderless (след 5:22)

Нови/стари снимки на Селена

Селена на корицата на списание New Stars

Нова снимка от фотосесията на Селена за Seventeen

OK! Magazine:Като говорим за любов, има слухове, че се виждаш с някого. Можеш л ида потвърдиш или отречеш, че това е Селена?

Austin Mahome:Не се срещам с нея. Само приятели с ме. Винаги говорим за музика. Тя е много яка.

Остин потвърди на Грамитата, че Селена работи върху нова музика и планира да я пусне:“Пусна ми малко от новата и музика и е невероятна.“

Селена и Манди си тръгват от “The Little Cafe” в Л.А. (29.01)

@AlfredoFlores: @AilenMarfil that’s dope. love.

Lily Collins: Love love love…

@peopleredcarpet: @selenagomez goes super #glam in a plunging white #gown with pockets at #su2c! #selena #redcarpet

Селена на събитието „Холивуд застава срещу рака“ (28.01)

@_marissamarino: This weeks looks 💃 hair by me : makeup by@seama901 : styling by @basiamld : hair color by@riawnacapri & @nikkilee901 #901girl

g : Our #1 power girl is so awesome that she has THREE covers! Which Selena cover is your fave—dream, brave or confident?

Селена си тръгва от салон за тен в Encino, California (28.01)

@annshoket: Have you seen my interview with my girl, @selenagomez in this month’s @seventeenmag? We name her The Most Powerful Girl in the World!

Селена в Encino, California (28.01)

Селена на корицата на списание Topp

Новa снимкa от фотосесията на Селена за Adidas NEO

Селена си тръгва от звукозаписно студио (27.01)

@TheNoiseCompany: Our very own @benkweller with the lovely @selenagomez jammin’ during Sundance #Rudderless #RAWK

Селена с фен (27.01)

Селена в Л.А. (26.01)

@jvgfi : Supersunnuntai. @selenagomez 📷 @keppikeppi

@italiarenata: I wanna dance with somebody.. With somebody who loves.., me..

@tarynzim: Sunday. Monday

Селена и David Henrie на вечеря в Л.А. (26.01)

@D_Robertson28: Selena Gomez is sitting next to us…. Wow she is smoke

Преследвачат на Селена е бил арестуван вчера (26.01) пред къщата и.

Селена в Entertainment Weekly

Редки снимки на Джелена

@itsashbenzo: 👯👯

Новата профилна снимка на Селена в инстаграм

Селена е присъствала на the Beats Music Launch Party в Belasco Theatre.

@suziedelvecchio: BeatsMusicParty fun with @selenagomez #grammyweekend #goodtimes #beatsbydre #beatsmusic 🎉🎶✨

@Antonina_Armato: @selenagomez @ashbenzo @Rock_Mafia bout to Hit the Best party of the Grammy weekend Dr Dre are u Ready! #Beats

Селена си тръгва от Nine Zero One Salon в West Hollywood. (24.01)

Селена си тръгва от суши ресторант е Л.А. (24.01)

Селена в Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles (24.01)

Селена в Л.А. (24.01)

Селена на вечеря с Деми в ресторант Craig (West Hollywood-23.01)

Селена в Л.А. (23.01)

Селена на корицата на Girlfriend

@pmdeleon22: I miss you. 💗 #mybestfriend #italy

@ryanxdean: So much fun at the #rudderless party on monday night ! Heres my Toast to @selenagomez right before i sit down to jam ! Cant wait for everyone to see our movie !

Нови снимки от фотосесията на Селена за списание Seventeen

@seventeenmag: It’s true! The INCREDIBLE @SelenaGomez is our March cover star! Get a sneak peek of the cover

@Versace: @selenagomez looking perfect in a Versace coat & Versace signature bag at the @sundancefest #VersaceCelebrities

@HeatherBlond: Can’t wait for @selenagomez to rock her Heather Blond resort wear in ‘s Spring Edition! FIERCE!

@NSciulla: The fact that my friend met Selena Gomez and doesn’t even care @carriefoito 😂😂😂😂😂😂

@ninezeroone: New year, new hair on @selenagomez by @_marissamarino 😍😍😍 #transformationtuesday #shorthairdontcare #selenagomez #901girl #beautifulhair

@JBicicchi:So blessed to be in the same film as . Your one kickass actress! So great to celebrate last night!

@felicityhuffman: Flicksters, Bill sent me a gem from Sundance to share w/u all. Bill and @SelenaGomez! #RudderlessTheMovie

С фен (20.01)

Селена пее на партито на Rudderless (20.01)

Селена и Billy Crudup в the Variety Studio в Utah (20.01)

Селена  в Park City, Utah (20.01)

@thrextras: @selenagomez stops by our #THRsundance studio for her film #Rudderless and signs the @aquahydrate illustration for charity. @hollywoodreporter #selenagomez #sundance #sundance2014

Селена, William H. Macy и Billy Crudup позират  по време на филмовия фестивал Sundance (20.01)

Селена позира по време на филмовия фестивал Sundance (20.01)

@KerryaRose:  hope you enjoyed the at

Селена с William H. Macy and Billy Crudup на the Day For Night Video Lounge (20.01)

@entertainmentweekly: @selenagomez stopped by our #sundance studio

Селена на филмовия фестивал Sundance (20.01)

@mogleyhymas: Gotta keep an eye out for selener @selenagomez

@hollywoodreporter: @selenagomez feels left out. #BillyCrudup #WilliamHMacy #rudderless #thrsundance #sundance

Селена и William H. Macy по време на филмовия фестивал Sundance (20.01)

Селена на филмовия фестивал Sundance в Utah (20.01)

@Beccamford: Selena Gomez and William H Macy posed for an Instagram photo before heading out of THR’s #sundance lounge.

@mdmolinari: @selenagomez like a this #chanel #britneyspears moment? @jloganhorne if you know what I mean #pose

@CrystalClear_42: Selena Gomez at #sundancefestival2014

Adidas NEO Label Пролет/Лято 2014

“Dream Out Loud” Пролет/Лято 2014

След толкова време, през което не знаехме нищо за Селена и нямаше никакви новини и нови снимки, най-накрая получихме нещо. Тя е добре и днес е снимала фотосесия за колекцията. (19.01)

@officialdolbysel: Setting up the shot @selenagomez #dol #dreamoutloud

@alfredoflores: We be all nighhhtttt (снимката е изтрита)

Нова снимка на Селена от фотосесията и за Adidas NEO (лятна колекция-2013)

Нови снимки от фотосесията на Селена за Adidas NEO

Селена на корицата на мартенския брой на списание Seventeen

Селена има над 54 милиона харесвания във facebook

World Music Awards

Селена е номинирана в 5 категории. Гласувайте за нея!!!

Нова/стара снимка на Джъстин и Селена с Tom Hanks на Vanity Fair Oscar Party (2011 г.)

Над 30 000 копия на „Come & Get It“ са продадени в Мексико

Come & Get it има малко над 200 милиона гледания

Нови снимки от фотосесия на Селена (2013)

Селена на корицата на списание „Браво“

Нова снимка от фотосесията на зимната колекция нa adidas neo

Селена ще пее на RodeoHouston в Houston, TX (19.03)

Stylesip-Facebook корици, включващи AnnaSophia Robb, Lucy Hale и Ashley Benson

Нова/стара снимка на Селена

@Stylesip: Remember this stunning look @selenagomez rocked at last year’s #GoldenGlobes?? #Selenators

Очаква се Селена да присъства на филмовия фестивал Sundance за премиерата на “Rudderless”.

Селена и Деми са подписали маса в Старбъкс преди време

Премиерата на „Rudderless“ е на 26.01

@chaelynne: Flashback. Missing being on stage with this one.

@toddjgriz: As #wowp week comes to a close, here’s a #tbt for all the #selenators. I took this on one of the last days on set…

@ToddJGreenwald: Okay @girlleader1 Here’s one with @selenagomez & @comeagainjen Miss these faces. #WOWP

Нови снимки от фотосесията на Селена за списание Nylon (2013)

Създателят на WOWP, Todd J. Greenwald,потвърдил, че няма да има 5-ти сезон на Wizards.

Dylan O’Brien призна, че звездата, по която си пада е Селена

Селена и Тейлър на корицата на списание PopCorn

Селена на корицата на списание HighEndTeen

@mralexx99: Met selena gomez awhile back!! Had to post this. #selenagomez @selenagomez #thebestdayever #irememberwhen

@adidasNEOLabel:Wow has the first Selena Gomez NEO scooter helmet made in history!

Нови снимки от фотосесията на Селена за Teen Vogue (2012)

Нови снимки от фотосесията на Селена за Teen Vogue (2011)

@JimmyKimmelLive: A look back at in our music edition of

@dolbysel: Our DOL photo series starts this week. One GIRL, One SKIRT, Five LOOKS.

Селена на корицата на списание Glamour

Нова/стара снимка на Селена зад кулисите на фотосесията и за Instyle (2011)

Селена на корицата на “Ragazza Moderna”

Селена на корицата на “CHIC”

Нови снимки от фотосесията на Селена за списание Glamour(2012)

Нова снимка от фотосесията на Селена за списание Libération (2013)

Селена на пазар в Francia Raisa в Studio City, CA (03.01)

@justinbieber: Love the way you look at me

Селена е коментирала снимка на Priscilla в инстаграм

@dannyrizo0415: I hate my sister taking pictures with my wife without my permission! #SelenaGomez #DemiLovato #TequilasRestaurant

@jeffreybowler: My daughter and Selena Gomez today. #selenagomez was cool.

@tiffanyytaylor9: tbt to when I met @austinbutler and @selenagomez

@JimmyKimmelLive: A look back at #MeanTweets #3… @SelenaGomez

@lexsalvidar: Happy Birthday, Priscilla Marie! 🎀 @pmdeleon22 I hope your day is perfect! I can’t wait to see you tonight. I love you! 💕 #22

Селена и Джъстин в ЛА (02.01)

Новата профилна снимка на Селена в Инстаграм

@MaySolomonn: Hoi @selenagomez you’re a nice lady

Момичето на тази снимка не е Селена

Казва се Селин-

@sourtomlinson: remember when I met Selena Gomez at my nail salon :))))

@italiarenata: Happy New Year!!! #2014 #cheers #thegirls

@courtneyjbarry: Ringing in the new year on the rooftop in onesies! 🎉

@raquellestevens: 2014 we’re ready for ya! So blessed & thankful for my girls.

@haleypharo: 2014, I love you already!! ❤️🎉

@therealfrancia: HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ME AND MY FAM! #2014

@sammyrayedroke: Happy New Year Los Angeles.

@sammyrayedroke: Love these girls so much!!!! #happynewyears2014 #onsies #applecidar #danceparty

@RomeoMiller: You asked: I would like to see a picture of something that makes you feel better on a bad day

Нови/стари снимки на Селена с приятелите си през 2013

Селена през 2013 г.

Селена е участвала в написването на “Already Missing You” с Prince Royce

The Janoskians избират тяхното момиче мечта-Селена или Майли

@Mdmolinari: @selenagomez this is how you do it! #hairflip playing the piano #greatnight #hairenvy

@ddlovato: @selenagomez THESE are my favorites!!! Haha #saturdaynightfacetimeparty 💗👯💁

@katyperry: No nu frienz ☝️

Нови снимки от фотосесията на Селена за списание InStyle (2011 г.)

Селена на концерта на Бритни Спиърс в Лас Вегас (27.12)

Била е заедно с Кейти Пери и Сиа

Селена пристига на концерта

Селена на летището в Лас Вегас (27.12)

Рияна е коментирала новата снимка на Селена

@marcoa723: Fountain fun with my girl @selenagomez

@ohferras: #When you’re ready come and get it #werkbebe

@jloganhorne:Jealous @itsashbenzo???

@sebascintron:Hi again

@sebascintron:Even though I look weird 😂 shes still gorgeous & i cant believe today happened Love you

@Jairrrito:YASS SLAY!! 😍😍😍

@Jairrrito: #Werk!!!

@sebascintron: Me and selena inside the car right now! We’re on our way to dinner and then the show I CANNOT RIGHT NOW

@saamanthaclaire: Bella’s just casually on a plane with Selena Gomez

Песента на Селена “Slow Down” е на  #21 място в класацията “Ask Billboard: Readers’ Favorites Of 2013”.

@TrollGalloway: Soo i got to watch selena gomez eat a banana, you?

Селена в самолета за ЛА

@jessefff: Spring Break forever bitches!

@salone89:Selena and a worker at the airport

@salone89:Selena said what’s up

@salone89:Just ran Ito Selena Gomez while on my lunch break

Страницата на Селена във фейсбук вече има над 51 милиона харесвания


@officialdolbysel: #tbt @selenagomez -always ready for her close up.#behindthescenes #DOL photo shoot. #selenagomez

@RockMafia: booth #throwback

Селена с фен в кафене в Plymouth, MI.

@nicolerenault: Great catching up with you @selenagomez 💋

Нови снимки на Селена от фотосесията и за списание LATINA

Нови снимки на Селена от фотосесията и за Cosmopolitan (2010)

@phoebejtonkin:Balanced summer reading. #closetteenager

Alfredo Flores и Kelia Moniz са харесали снимка на Селена в инстаграм

Селена е последвала David Henrie в инстаграм

Нови снимки от фотосесията на Селена за списание Sugar (2010)

@rachel_lent: Spotted: @selenagomez at our local Krogers 😱

Редки снимки

Селена е коментирала снимка на Jay Cosme в инстаграм


Рядка снимка на Селена и Ашли

Селена си тръгва от салон в West Hollywood, California (22.12)

@romeomiller: I live for the nights that I can’t remember with the people that I won’t forget. #romeeverything

Новата профилна снимка на Селена в инстаграм

Селена си тръгва от ресторант в Лондон (16.12)

@badbitchpeter: BUT I GOTTA KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR SELENER!!! Selfies with @selenagomez #PrettyGang 💘🌟🙌💋

Селена е коментирала снимка на Priscilla

Продадени са над 317 000 копия от “Stars Dance” в Щатите

Селена е на пето място в класацията на Billboard-“10 Best Dressed Artists of 2013”

davidcorrey: Was finishing up my new EP, and my homegirl @selenagomez stopped by 😄!!! 2014 is gonna be a big year #dreamers

Селена е коментирала снимка на приятелката си Sammy Droke

@D_DELUISE:Hope you get some rest 🙂 is the hardest working woman in show business;) miss you! Sending love 😘

Селена е отменила австралийската част от турнето си.

„Феновете ми са важни за мен и никога не искам да ги разочаровам. Но трябва да стане ясно на мен и на близките ми, че след толкова много години, в които съм слагала работата си на първо място, имам нужда да прекарам време време със себе си, за да бъда най-добрия човек, който мога да бъда. Искрено се извинявам на феновете си, надявам се да знаете колко много всеки един от вас значи за мен.“

Селена по задачи в Л.А. (19.12)

Селена посещава приятел (ЛА-19.12)

Нова восъчна фигура на Селена

Селена иска да се премести да живее в Calabasas (Джъстин живее в този квартал). Влюбила се е в една къща близо до неговата.

Селена е коментирала снимка на една от приятелките си в инстаграм

@D_DELUISE:My fake kids all grown up 🙂

Селена на летището в Лондон (18.12)

Селена е коментирала снимка на Чарити в инстаграм

@selenagomez: Fun hanging with these NYC Jingle Ball winners 🙂

@selenagomez: . @ and @ have the for everyone on your list:

Най-реблогвани филми за 2013


  • Harry Potter
  • The Hobbit
  • The Hunger Games
  • The Avengers
  • Les Miserables
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Star Wars
  • The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
  • Tangled
  • Pacific Rim
  • Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
  • Iron Man 3
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • Divergent
  • Monsters University
  • Thor 2
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Rise of the Guardians
  • Spring Breakers
  • Monsters, Inc.
  • Mean Girls
  • One Direction: This Is Us
  • Brave
  • Pitch Perfect
  • How to Train Your Dragon


Премиерата на новия филм на Селена “Rudderless ще бъде по време на Sundance Film Festival (26.01.2014 г.)

@_marissamarino:Thanks for the time of my life

@_marissamarino: From NYC to Boston today, everything I’ve ever wished to happen on my birthday, happened today. I think that means it’s going to be a great year, right? Thank you for all of the bday wishes and a special shout out to @selenagomez @pmdeleon22 @metalmeg333 and @tlgirouard for making it extra special ☺ love you all

KISS 108 FM’s Jingle Ball (Бостън-14.12)

Meet & Greet

Зад кулисите



С фенове в Ню Йорк

Z100 Jingle Ball (13.12)

Meet and Greet

Зад кулисите

С Robin Thicke


Селена пристига в Madison Square Garden (13.12)

Christmas for the Kids (Чикаго-12.12.)

Meet & Greet


След концерта

@sotob86: @selenagomez Chicago ❤️’z U girl!!!

@Eduardo14U: Met Selena Gomez in Chicago. #hopethishelpseveryone

@springbreakers:gotta spread that ho-ho-holiday cheer

Селена пристига в Чикаго (10.12)

106.1 KISS FM’s Jingle Ball (Сиатъл-08.12)

Червен килим

Meet and Greet

Зад кулисите


Селена на летището в Л.А. (отива в Сиатъл-07.12)

Селена пристига на KISS FM Jingle Ball (07.12)

Нова восъчна фигура на Селена в музея на Madam Tussaud

102.7 KISS FM’s Jingle Ball (06.12)

Зад кулисите

Червен килим

Meet and Greet


@Chachi: 16 million records. #1 album. #1 single. @selenagomez goodnight

@jojowright: Another #selfie w @selenagomez looking MAD after she spilled hot sauce from her #JackInTheBox taco on her shirt! (I’m on the left)

@jojowright: Love my @selenagomez! Backstage #kiisjingleball LOVE THAT GAL! (I’m on the left)

@sisanie: My girl @selenagomez is uhhhhhmazing! Love her! #KIISjingleball

@maudegarrett: Had the most honest and incredible interview with @selenagomez. That girl lights up your life.

@1027kiisfm: Check out who is backstage at #KIISJingleBall! @selenagomez

Първа промоционална снимка на Hotel Transylvania 2. Филмът ще излезе в Америка на 25.09.2015 г.

@dakotahrae: so this one time, we wore our pjs to disneyland. 📷: @alfredoflores #tbt

Нови снимки от фотосесията на Селена за списание Forbes

@jordiebnyc: Kind of obsessed w/ @selenagomez ! #ilovemyjob @seventeenmag #bestshoot #girlpower #dreambig#livinthedream

@WattsUpPhoto: Great day on set @selenagomez @seventeenmag @MilkStudios thanks for the energy #shhhhh

@chaelynne: I like the lights in my hand #jingleball

Селена пристига на летището в Л.А. (03.12)

106.1 KISS FM’s Jingle Ball 2013
(Dallas, TX-02.12)

Червен килим

Meet & Greet


Селена на летището в Л.А. (28.11)

@ashley_e_ward: Lol hey @selenagomez

Selena Gomez Verizon Holiday Card

След изпълнението

@bperryrussell: Spent Thanksgiving with some incredible people….but what I was MOST proud of ….was the opportunity to hire locals @danbbyyy @iam_alladin @animanemanee @noahtratree @_brittaninicole_ @verycelisa You guys did an AMAZING job. Thanks for working so hard. #LoveU #Texas

@noahtratree: The aftermath. @selenagomez

@_immykey: Happy Thanksgiving from us to you … Hope everyone is having a great one with their friends, family, loved ones, and everyone their thankful for 🙏❤️

@beccaluvsfilm115694: Selena Gomez just killed it at the halftime show for the Cowboys Game! This girl makes me so proud to say I’m from Dallas, Texas!

@verycelisa: It was a pleasure & I’m thankful! Amazing show @selenagomez !! #dallascowboys #selenagomez #halftimeshow

Dallas Cowboys vs. Oakland Raiders (пяла е на полувремето)

Селена е пяла пред 100 000 души и над 25 милиона са я гледали по телевизията.

@RAIDERS: Crew setting up for halftime show.

@CJonesAnderson: Excited for @selenagomez to perform and kickoff @salvationarmyus #redkettle campaign at halftime of @dallascowboys game @attstadium!

Селена репетира за изпълнението си по време на полувремето на играта на Dallas Cowboys

Клоу интервюира Селена зад кулисите на концерта и в Auburn Hills, Michigan


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