SMG news (трета част)

Селена си тръгва от медицинска сграда в Beverly Hills (29.10)


Селена на обяд с приятели в Studio City, California (29.10)


@kicked2thecurbproductions: Here we go! Just a bunch of vagabonds 😎 #kttcp #giantpirate #triggerstreet


@LanceTheDriver1: LAS VEGAS with my buddy Ryan and the always beautiful @selenagomez.


@aleenkeshishian: “my philosophy is kindness.” #TheDalaiLama #selenagomez #WeDay thanks @davidjohnson


@shaniatwain: What a great surprise to have @SelenaGomez and @matthewkoma come to the show last night! #ShaniaInVegas


@ellengilliam: Casual run-in with Selena Gomez, nbd

@shaniatwain: What a great surprise to have @SelenaGomez and @matthewkoma come to the show last night! #ShaniaInVegas


Нова снимка на Селена и William H. Macy на снимачната площадка на клипа към “Hold On”


@amyjuliasegal: Hostess with the mostest #weday #selenagomez


@kenk416: Doing good things with this lady. @selenagomez #weday #selenagomez


@davidjohnson_28: Our fabulous hostess with mostess!! W/ @selenagomez at #WeDay #Rehearsals #WeDayVancouver !!! Yaaa!


“Селена е страхотно момиче, невероятен талант. Тя определено е тройна заплаха. Възхищавам се на това, което прави, но аз няма да и бъде мениджър. Никога не ме е молила за това. Ние сме семейни приятели.”

Kris Jenner говори за Селена

Selena Gomez photo by Aris Jerome


Селена и Алфредо на летището в Л.А. (20.10)


@ninezeroone: This girl… 🔥💔🔥 @selenagomez 👩 by #901artist@_marissamarino and 💄 by #901artist @seama901


@arisjeromephoto: @selenagomez #arisjerome @bartolistyle



Новата профилна снимка на Селена в инстаграм



Нова восъчна фигура на Селена


@seama901: #repost of me doing my thing on this flawless face! #901girl








@sharonosbourne: The very beautiful @selenagomez


@thetalk_cbs: Really enjoyed out visit with Selena Gomez today. #TheTalk #SelenaGomez #Rudderless


@thetalk_cbs: Selena Gomez took her own backstage profile #selfie just before showtime! #TheTalk


@TheTalk_CBS: This is happening! @selenagomez #StarsDance #TheTalk


@TheTalk_CBS: Can’t say enough good things about this young lady. Come back soon @selenagomez! #TheTalk


@TheTalk_CBS: The ladies of #TheTalk & @selenagomez chat before the big game!


@JulieChen: #WhoSays you can’t learn how to take a good #selfie ?? @selenagomez taught me well!


Селена в предаването на Jimmy Kimmel (15.10)


@jimmykimmellive: Tonight on #Kimmel @SelenaGomez #Rudderless, Chris O’Dowd #StVincent, music from @KasabianOfficial & Jimmy has @AnselElgort prank his niece #UncleOfTheYear


@JimmyKimmelLive: Backstage at #Kimmel. Tune in tonight 11:35|10:35c on ABC with @SelenaGomez #Rudderless


Селена пристига в Jimmy Kimmel Live в Los Angeles, California (15.10)



William H. Macy говори за Селена


@wrikster: “There really are places in your heart that you don’t even know exist until you love a child” #daddysgirls #blessed #happydad #grateful #godisgreat


@AshBenzoTXfan: Morning hangs with Selena and my friends 👌


На летището в Л.А. (14.10)

Селена има над 16 милиона последователи в инстаграм!

@iamjonathancook: Their surprise visit was far too short, 4wheelers, @dallascowboys game and spaghetti. #bestweekendever #wedemboys


@theellenshow: I told ya she was here today. @SelenaGomez #BackstageEllenSelfie


Селена в шоуто на Ellen


@pmdeleon22: Memory lane up in the headlights. It’s got me reminiscing on them good times. I’m turnin’ off a real life drive and that’s right. I’m hittin’ easy street on mud tires.


@Maria_CB: Today is the 7th anniv. since the 3 time Emmy winning Wizards of Waverly Place began Oct.12th. #7YearsOfWOWP #Honored


@daviddeluise: 😩MISS YOU GUYS!! 😊@selenagomez @JakeTAustin @DavidHenrie #7YearsOfWizardsOfWaverlyPlace


@D_DELUISE: Guys Question 1) what was your favorite episode ?



@bishopjakes: Thank you for joining us in service this morning! God bless you! —-from @selenagomez This morning at @bishopjakes The Potters house. Unbelievable message. Had me in tears. Thank you Bishop for reminding me why I should always keep going.


@d_deluise: @selenagomez remembering our first Magic carpet ride 🙂 sending you love x


@D_DELUISE: @selenagomez @JakeTAustin @DavidHenrie @greggsulkin @comeagainjen @Maria_CB #7YearsOfWizardsOfWaverlyPlace ❤️ U GUYS!


Селена в Dallas, Texas (11.10)

@DIRTYJAN0S: Love love love you so much @selenagomez


@yunggale._: OMFG FINALLY MET HER 💕💕😍 she was in a hurry but lawwd shes gorg . 👅


@Marisol_Trevino: My dad met Selena Gomez before I did :-/


@Marisol_Trevino: @selenagomez 🙂



@ShaniaTwain: Thank you, are the sweetest! 😘


@ryanxdean: İ was told that music videos still exist ! And then i had a dream that i was in a video with the beautiful #selenagomez ! Go on youtube to see if my dream was real ! #holdon #rudderless will be out soon! #goodtimes w @selenagomez @benkweller @williamhmacy


@theellenshow: Monday, @SelenaGomez is on the show! For now you’ll have to settle for this selfie.


@TheEllenShow: Monday, @SelenaGomez is on the show! For now you’ll have to settle for this selfie.


@karanmitchellmua: another pretty #bts shot of @selenagomez for the #starsdance album shoot for those of you who asked….amazing styling by @basiamld and wig by the incredible @dickycollins


@karanmitchellmua: #tbt @selenagomez #Starsdance wardrobe fittings #theBlonds


Премиерата на “Rudderless”  (07.10)



 @tanyaabriol: Spending the day with these 2 gems 😊 🎬 @felicityhuffman & @selenagomez promoting their new fabulous movie #rudderless @traceymattinglyllc 💕♏️


@FelicityHuffman: Press day for @rudderlessmovie with the brilliant @selenagomez!


@drewseeley: “@helen_arrua2014: Diviinosss Mioss.. Los Amo
@selenagomez @drewseeley” Great times. Hope we’ll work together again!




Ще има премиера на Rudderless в Oklahoma на 16.10.

Ще има премиера на Rudderless в Чикаго на 11.10.


Джелена на църква в Калифорния (21.09)


@miniqueenmaddie: 😘 @truly_young @selenagomez


Джелена в Universal Studios в Калифорния (20.09)



@sweetpboogaloo: A little Selena Gomez #cameo #action #musicvideo #toosexy (for my muhhhhhfuckin…) #SetLife


@justinstirling: nobu dinner with da crew


@TigerTopsNepal:  #SelenaGomez at #tiger #tops with our #Chief #Naturalista Ram Din Mahato.



@aaallexxxiis: She said “we can take a selfie” lol


@hutch.dano: Throwback Thursday. Selena and I in Ramona and Beezus.


@americaneagle: Spotted! We’re celebrating this #TBT with @selenagomez in AEO Jeggings.


@justinbieber: Hope u had a good bday @ryanbutler


@ninezeroone: #transformationtuesday #901girl @selenagomez sporting (faux!) bangs in Vegas 🎲💁✨ styled by #901artist @florido #ninezeroone


@AshGuin: The happiest I’ve seen him in a while.. #goodcompany #heloveshisfriends #happy20thbabe 🎂🎉🙊


Селена ще бъде водеща на We Day на 22.10

Селена отива в час по актьорско майсторство в Лос Анджелис, Калифорния (12.09)




Селена отива в студио в Los Angeles, California (12.09)

2014 Fall/Winter Adidas NEO Label


@adidasneolabel: The perfect way to close out #NEOrunway


@adidasneolabel: The SG Winter Wedge. High in style and high in comfort.


adidasneolabel:perfection, in sun. 


adidasneolabel:Non-stop fun with this one. 


@adidasneolabel: @SelenaGomez enjoying the sunset on the NYC skyline. #bts


@adidasNEOLabel: .@selenagomez stands front and center to close out #NEOrunway. What a view!


@steviemackey: Here we gooooo💃🙏🙌


2014 Fall/Winter Dream Out Loud


@Stylesip: Starting the week off right 💁💋 #FirstDayLook


@adidasneolabel: @SelenaGomez dips and dodges the paparazzi in style.


На летището в Торонто (07.09)


Джъстин и Селена пристигат в хотела си в Торонто (06.09)


Джъстин е последвал Селена в shots


Джъстин и Селена на пазар в Eaton Centre (06.09)





@ronahikokuu: Hey @selenagomez


@Ninakhalil4: Just hangin with bae in canada 😛


@Ninakhalil4: Just hangin with bae in canada 😛


@adidasneolabel: NYC+NEO+@selenagomez= perfection! #bts at the winter shoot.


Селена е подписала с Interoscope Records

adidas NEO Fashion Show (03.09)


@ENews: Backstage at #NEOrunway with @SelenaGomez! @adidasNEOLabel #NYFW #ENYFW


@ENews: Having a few laughs with @SelenaGomez backstage at @adidasNEOLabel #NEOrunway at #NYFW! #ENYFW


@elizabethdenton: Hanging with my bestie Selena BTS of her @adidasneolabel runway show 😘


@marrowcheek: Look who photobombed my hair and make up selfie? @selenagomez #NEOrunway

Селена в Soho, New York (03.09)


@steviemackey: This little angel #wcw #pyt 😎


С фенове (02.09)


Селена пристига в хотел в Ню Йорк (02.09)


@gwenysloco: #eastcoast


@orgasmicgomez: PHOTO OF A PHOTO W MY FAVE @selenagomez sorry they mobbed you but thank you for pushing for me & asking me if im okay


@oliviafilice: Lmfao my mom just took a selfie with selena gomez !!!!

@justinbieber: A rainy dream


@bigdaddybieber: My oh my how things have changed! Though the memories still remain . Great seeing you again @justinbieber @selenagomez . Much love from Uncle Steve , Aunt Tammy , Brandan & Ryan


Джъстин и Селена край басейна в къщата на Джеръми в Ontario, Canada (30.08)


Джъстин и Селена на рожден ден в Канада


@adidasneolabel: Enjoy this #bts pic of @selenagomez!


Нов стил от Behaving Badly


Джъстин и Селена карат ATV в Ontario, Canada (29.08)


Нови/стари снимки на Джелена


Джъстин и Селена яздят коне в Канада (28.08)

Джъстин е прекарал 3 часа в ранчо в баща си, Селена, Джази, Джаксън и бодигардите.



@ninezeroone: #TBT #901girls celebrating pre-Emmys festivities! ✨🏆✨ @therealsarahhyland color by #901artist @nikkilee901 and @selenagomez extensions by @riawnacapri and @nikkilee901! #ninezeroone



@fluffyguy:  I met @SelenaGomez & @VanessaHudgens Both of them were super nice 2 EVERYONE. Follow & tell them #FluffySentMe


Селена и Джъстин пристигат в Торонто (27.08)


Снимки на  Селена как се качва на частния самолет на Джей (27.08)


@vanessahudgens: Celebrated Chelsea’s final episode with my bb @selenagomez #chelseafinale
Watch on my tumblr. #linkisinbio


@alfredoflores: In honor of Thursday and some other things. Classic.






Джъстин и Селена пристигат в Торонто (27.08)



@adidasneolabel: @SelenaGomez has the ability to make casual look chic. #bts


@jenmeyerjewelry: @selenagomez you are awesome!! Love this gorgeous picture of you in you JM “S” xo #jennifermeyer #selenagomez #regram 💘💘💘


Зад кулисите на Chelsea Lately Show Finale


Селена пристига в Chateau Marmont WeHo с приятелка (26.08)


@MarleeMatlin: So lovely to have met you @selenagomez at #ChelseaFinale!


Нови снимки на Селена от фотосесията и за 2013 Adidas NEO Label Fall/Winter


Chelsea Lately Show Finale (26.08)


Селена пристига в студиото на шоуто на Chelsea Lately (26.08)


Селена си взима Chick-fil-A в Studio City, California (26.08)


С фен в Dave & Buster’s (25.08)


@Raffalamar: Selena 😭😭 (white sleeves)


@daviddeluise: Sending love to everyone who misses #wizards


@D_DELUISE: #throwbackmonday #Wizards @selenagomez @DavidHenrie @JakeTAustin 😊 


theselfieissue:Sexy Superstar Selfie Exclusive: Selena Gomez. #theselfieissue 


@kkjarval: @selenagomez @WilliamHMacy @DeanxRyan everyone on @rudderlessmovie loves one another…BIG TIME! love u guys! #oct17


@kkjarval: The incomparable @selenagomez – girl killed it yet again ya’ll. Thank you mademoiselle!!

На 21.08 Джъстин и Селена са били забелязани на бензиностанция.


Селена е присъствала на Variety and Women in Film Emmy Nominee Celebration (23.08)



@felicityhuffman: @selenagomez selfie …and me.


@felicityhuffman: @benkweller, @selenagomez, my husband, ready for date night.


@stylesip: Walking down the hall, #Selenators be like… #Flawless #FirstDayLook


Нова промоционална снимка от ‘Behaving Badly’


@WilliamHMacy: Selena and Ben and me. We’re cooking up something cool. I’ll keep you posted.


@riawnacapri: Now that’s what a weave should look like @selenagomez 🙌 #AúNaturel #901Girl #901OG


Jandy Nelson потвърди, че Селена ще участва във филма “The Sky Is Everywhere”


Тръгва си от салон Nine Zero One (22.08)


Отива на обяд с приятелка (22.08)


Селена си тръгва от къща на приятелка в Л.А. (22.08)


Селена си тръгва от вечеря с приятели в Л.А. (21.08)


@ninezeroone: All about those late night treatments 🌙✨ with #901girl @selenagomez 💆💁 and #901artists @seama901 and @jamierenae0728 #ninezeroone


Селена отива на обяд с приятели (West Hollywood, CA. – 21.08)


@eli_miz: #TBT Supporting a great cause 🙈: Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, St. Tropez


Джъстин и Селена карат мотор в Калифорния (21.08)










Джъстин и Селена са били заедно на църква. (20.08)

На снимката можете да видите как Селена прегръща Lil Za.


Тази снимка на Селена е направена в банята на Джъстин. (качена на 14.08)


Селена има 13 милиона последователи в инстаграм


@adidasNEOLabel: So! From today until 3rd Sept. @selenagomez + NEO will need your help to prepare the #NEOrunway! Ready to help us?


@adidasneolabel: @SelenaGomez makes it look so natural. Where can we take some lessons?


Селена си тръгва от Gracias Madre в West Hollywood, California (19.08)


@tmarie247: Darbi holding strong to the Theresa selfie face while we laugh 😼


@tmarie247: Selfieeeessssss I love dem ❤️


Селена е коментирала снимка на фен профил в инстаграм


Нови редки снимки


Селена слиза от колата на Джъстин (17.08)



Джъстин и Селена са видени да отиват към дома на Селена в Calabasas (17.08)


Adidas NEO Label: Made for those who want to add a little sport to their look. How would you wear these Selena Gomez BEQT LO Shoes?


Нови снимки от снимачната площадка на Spring Breakers



Страницата на Селена във фейсбук има над 60 милиона харесвания


adidasneolabel:almost a front row view 


Jennette McCurdy описва Селена с няколко думи


@stylesip: What’s your #FirstDayLook? Show us your back-to-school #OOTD for a chance to be regrammed 💟💟💟

Вчера Джъстин и Селена са ходили на кино. Филмът, който са гледали е бил „Lets be cops”.



@justinbieber: Right now everything else is a blur.


@ashleycinqmars: Tbt. Been a year since this moment and what a year it’s been. #workhardalways #gamechanger


@tmarie247: Just hangin around. #onacliff #nbd 🙈





@courtneyjbarry: Had to repost. I have the greatest friends ❤️


По-рано днес STALKER SARAH туитна, че е видяла Джъстин и Селена в църква.
Сайт за новини за Джъстин също потвърди, че той е бил видян в църква преди няколко часа.


Фенка е видяла Джъстин и Селена заедно в понеделник (11.08) в 01:15 часа сутринта.
Те са я помилили да не казва на никого. По-специално Селена  я е помолила.
Момичето все пак е решило да разкаже и да качи снимки след като е видяла туитовете на STALKER SARAH.
Фенката разказва, че ги е срещнала в киното. Не ги е преследвала, просто така се е случило. Гледали са филма LUCY.


@adidasneolabel: Watching the masters work. #bts

@darnellappling: Champions


@mariellejaffe: Building bubble igloos. ⛄️yolo


adidasneolabel:Selena Gomez x NEO the perfect pairing 


@adidasneolabel: #Flawless


@LexiAshby: Throw back to that time I met @selenagomez with @ItsAmandaJones 😊 #SoYoung #5YearsAgo #ThrowBack #SelenaGomez


@Stephen_710: Oh ya I’ve met Selena Gomez #HHHFollowChain


adidasneolabel:always so much fun. 


@courtneyjbarry: Turning 22 with the family 🎉


Селена с Lea Michele на  Jennifer Klein’s 2014 Day of Indulgence (10.08)


FOX Teen Choice Awards: Our Ultimate Choice Selena Gomez


@parisroberts1: #Regraming this picture from @selenagomez because I was just thinking about the time we decided to go hiking, only to get lost on a deserted trail, so we decided to climb a tree. 🌲As you can see I was freaking out because I discovered a massive snake hole beneath us, while Selena, unaware of my discovery, posed gracefully! 🐍 #memories


Taylor Swift е последвала Селена в инстаграм



Teen Choice Awards (10.08)



Селена си тръгва от частно парти в Brentwood, Los Angeles, California. (10.08)


@unity: Directed our 100th and final narrator on Unity today, the truly amazing Selena Gomez!!! What a marathon this film has been – 7 years in the making, people have come and gone, but the film is finally complete. I will add Selena’s voice this week to our final mix and ship off to our distributor next week. Thank you all for your patience and support! More soon!!!


Премиерата на Behaving Badly (29.07)


@_marissamarino: Tips, tricks and favorite products @unite_hair @enzomilanoirons #fanfavorite #latinatexture @usweekly #901girl


@steviemackey: Music time with this beauty 🎸


@tommy_chiabra: Lucky bird 🐣

@AmyOdango: So I just discovered that I had my first communion with Selena Gomez…wtf lol


Нови снимки на Селена с приятели в ресторант в  Saint-Tropez, France (21.07)


Селена си тръгва от клас по актьорско майсторство в Лос Анджелис (26.07)


@mariamrod: Breakfast with this beautiful soul #SelenaGomez

@bangbangnyc: Couple months ago- Late night crib session w/@selenagomez


Behaving Badly: Our Los Angeles #BehavingBadly premiere is just 3 days away! Both #NatWolff and #SelenaGomez are expected to attend!


Селена си тръгва от Quality Cafe в Los Angeles, California (26.07)


Селена на летището в Л.А. с Cara Delevingne (24.07)




Нова снимка на Селена в  Saint Tropez, France



Селена е присъствала на благотворително събития, организирано от Leonardo Dicaprio  (23.07)


@eli_miz:#DreamTeam: Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, great evening for a great cause with great company!

Страницата на Селена във фейсбук има над 60 милиона харесвания

@dsquared2: 🐬🐳🐋Saving the wild #leonardodicapriofoundation#sttropez#dsquared

@eli_miz: Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation #MyTeamBall

@bellachka1229: Leonardo Dicaprio Gala #Sttropez

@salvo_nicosia: 🙈🙉🙊DOUBLE TROUBLE with @caradelevingne @selenagomez #wheninStTropez #naughtygirlshavemorefun #Sainttropez #dressingthedolls

Селена отива на Leonardo Dicaprio’s Charity Ball (23.07)



@darbigwynn: Bus stop Dreamers at Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo

Селена се забавлява с приятели в ресторант в n Saint Tropez, France (23.07)


Селена си тръгва от яхтата и отива в Dior (23.07)



На яхта (23.07)


Селена с приятели в St. Tropez (22.07)


Селена с Cara Delevinge и Eli Mizrahi в Saint Tropez, France (21.07)

@eli_miz: St. tropeezy w my beezys #IfYouKnowYouKnow

Селена на яхта с приятели в Saint Tropez, France (22.07)


@officialdolbysel: Happy 22 @selenagomez! 💚💚💚

@michellelmoore: Happy 22nd Birthday to this babe!! I hope your day is nothing but amazing! 😘



@cmpxsr: Never met anyone like this one in my life. I’m humbled. Happy Birthday Princess @selenagomez

@sammyrayedroke: My lady lovebug is growing up 😍 Happy birthday @selenagomez Love you with all my ❤️I am so excited to see what God is doing in you and through you! Your best years are ahead my love, I believe it 🙌 AND I cannot wait to take this world by storm with you, it has no idea what’s coming! 😉 #partnerincrime #littlesister #22baby!#goldenbirthday


@katiewilbert: Happy Birthday to one of the warmest souls I know @selenagomez , you are very loved! Xx

@KeltieKnight: Hey @selenagomez happy birthday! I hope you are wearing your tiara today! #selenagomez 🎉🎊🎉 #HappyBirthdaySelenaGomez


@basiamld: Happy Birthday @selenagomez #selenka

@ericcanson: Happy Birthday @selenagomez

@darnellappling: Screaming out Happy Birthday to my little sister @selenagomez !!! I have witnessed you grow from a sweet little teenager with a big heart who loved pickles into a awesome, graceful grown ass woman with a even bigger heart and the most amazing soul ever! I love you and will always be here for you #HappyBirthday #YouAGrownWoman #Family #LifeTimeFriends

@judahsmith: @selenagomez Happy Birthday and we love you!!


@cristinasquyres: It’s been a full year, crazy. Happy birthday to this one! I hope you have the absolute best day and year to come! #22 💜

@katd3luna: Happy birthday gurl !! Dime a verzzzz !! 🎉🎉 @selenagomez

@courtneyjbarry: Have a very special place in my 💜 for this one. I love you so much. Family forever, happy birthday x

@steviemackey: Happy birthday angel! You are gifted and blessed, keep shining your light to the world! @selenagomez 😘

@itsashbenzo: Happy birthday sel ❤️❤️

@katiewilbert: It may have been a year ago today, but the celebrating never stopped! #Blessed @kimcrossman @sammydroke @selenagomez

@raquellestevens: My ❤️, Happy Birthday. Love you more than words could ever say. 😘

@katiewilbert: Happy birthday to my beautiful friend @selenagomez . I’m so proud of you & so excited to see you rock 22! 🙂 Love you

@ashleycinqmars: Can’t believe it’s been a year, and what a year it’s been. Happy golden birthday. I love you more than pasta from Italy. 🍝🍷🎂 (bold) ❤️❤️

@therealfrancia: Happy Birthday Hermanita! Thank you for constantly encouraging and supporting me. We’re in this crazy life together. Our story is like no other. #always&forever

@taylorswift: Usually this S represents ‘Swift’ but today I’m wearing it because SELENA IS 22!!!!

@springbreakers: have a little faith today. happy 22nd selena

@tmarie247: Happy birthday to my little angel baby ☺️

@sonyanimation: Happy Birthday to @selenagomez, the voice of #HotelTransylvania’s Mavis! What is your favorite Mavis line from the film? #HotelT #SonyAnimation #MavisDracula #SelenaGomez #HappyBirthdaySelena

@nikkilee901: Happy Golden Birthday my love! This is your year✨Shine bright! Love you❤@selenagomez #BirthdayGirl #901OG #GoldenYear


@_marissamarino: Wishing @selenagomez the happiest “golden” birthday anyone has ever had. I’m just so grateful you are in my life. Too many reasons to list. Love you like you’re my little sister #shesfeelin22

@adidasNEOLabel: Have you already tweeted #HappyBirthdaySelenaGomez? If not, RT now and tell ‘em that it’s her birthday!

@wrikster: To the world you are an amazing, talented, caring and beautiful young woman. To me your not only all those things, you are God’s greatest gift….. Happy Birthday Mija !! I love you

@kimcrossman: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @selenagomez 🎈 love you so much amazing lady and can’t wait to celebrate another awesome year with you! So proud of all you have achieved and so appreciative for you making LA feel like a home, and for laughing and all my jokes, you are the best 😘

@chaelynne: You light up my life, happy birthday ❤️

@siriusxmhits1: Another unreleased pic to celebrate with our friend @selenagomez! #happybirthdayselenagomez

@siriusxmhits1: An unreleased pic of @selenagomez rockin our@siriusxm photo booth! #HappyBirthdaySelenaGomez

@eli_miz: Happy birthday to the most sweetest and sugary person I know! Have an awesome day ahead and stay blessed! Love you!!! 💞


@SPasqualina: 👋👋👋💋🇮🇹 @selenagomez 💋💋💋

@katiewilbert: Throwing it way back to a couple years ago at bible study with these beautiful, astonishing women. So very blessed! @kimcrossman @selenagomez @sammyrayedroke 😘😘😘

Селена пристига в ресторант в Saint Tropez, France (21.07)


Селена на яхта с приятели в Saint-Tropez, France (21.07)

@eli_miz: The three musketeers


Селена в Saint-Tropez, France (21.07)


@tmarie247: jumping for joy fully clothed.


@tmarie247: 🚁


@eli_miz: Off we go 🚁


@brian_atwood: @selenagomez rocking #brianatwood “Abell” sandal in Italy. #thesexisintheheel


@darbigwynn: The color Black


@tmarie247: #MonteCarlo



@stylesip: Did you know @selenagomez started designing #DreamOutLoud when she was 17-years-old?! Giving it 💯% since day one.


Селена отпътува от Ischia, Italy (20.07)


@eli_miz: Peace & Love ✈️ #IfYouKnowYouKnow ✌️


@tmarie247: #Ifyouknowyouknow


С фен в Ischia, Italy (20.07)


@bartolistyle: @selenagomez at the Ischia Film Festival in Italy tonight 💎 #selenagomez #bartolistyle


@emiliacriscuolo: I can’t believe, Selena was in front of me 😍


Ischia Global Film & Music Fest (19.07)



Селена е посетила църква в Ischia, Italy (19.07)


Селена в Ischia, Italy (19.07)


@darbigwynn: Shadow Dancers


Селена е коментирала видео на Andre Hamann в инстаграм


@bartolistyle: @selenagomez wearing @stellamccartney @anthony_vaccarello and @casadeiofficial at ischia film festival #selenagomez #bartolistyle


@bartolistyle: @selenagomez wearing Bluemarine and @casadeiofficial while attending Day 8 of the 2014 Ischia Global Film Festival ⭐️ #selenagomez #bartolistyle


Селена маха на феновете си (19.07)


Ischia Global Film & Music Festival (19.07) Пресконференция


Ischia Global Film & Music Festival (19.07)




19.07-Ischia, Italy


@bartolistyle: 💛 @selenagomez at Ischia Film Festival #bartolistyle

@bartolistyle: @selenagomez in @emanuelungaro_officiel and @casadeiofficial pumps 💛 #selenagomez #bartolistyle


Новата профилна снимка на Селена в инстаграм


@tmarie247: Elevator selfies like wahhhh 🙊


Селена в Ischia, Italy (18.07)


Селена отива на вечеря (18.07)


Day 7 of the Ischia Global Film & Music Fest (18.07)


Селена в Ischia, Italy (18.07)

Селена с фенове пред хотела и в  Ischia, Italy (18.07)


@kentgarrison: Gem #tbt #TeamDemiAndSelena


@officialdolbysel: @selenagomez – we notice! #selenators4ever #fallfashion #dol


@jordankanegis: #Throwbackthursday


@officialdolbysel: Thank you @selenagomez for sharing your hard work with #Selenator fans! #dol4ever #fallfashion #weareproud


@greggarman: #tbt #WeOwnTheNightTour w @selenagomez


Селена има над 11 милиона последователи в инстаграм


@chaelynne: Throwback. Dance. Best cardio ever. If you don’t like working out, become a dancer. Keeps you distracted from the fact that you’ve been sweating for 2 hours. I think this cast should be called #TeamHercules haha. Why are you excited to see @TheRock in the @HerculesMovie? #TeamHercules #sp


Fall/Winter 2014 “Dream Out Loud” Collection photoshoot


Селена в Naples, Italy (16.07)


С фенове в Италия


Ischia Global Film & Music Festival (16.07)


@pascalvicedomin: Welcome @IschiaGlobalFes #ischia #italy #hollywood @selenagomez #selenagomez


@bangbangnyc: Little gift for my friend @selenagomez ☺️Ischia, Italy


Селена има нов татус. Направила го е докато е била в Ню Йорк.


Селена пристига в Ischia, Italy (16.07)


Селена в Naples, Italy (16.07)


Fall/Winter 2014 “Dream Out Loud”


@MissShellyMBaby: Me and this little beauty @SelenaGomez chilling at Soho house Miami ❤️🎉


marisamour: Hi @selenagomez


@malikmalum: I MET ALEX RUSSO


@translucentbrownsugar: Terrorizing the streets. Random nights to remember. @selenagomez


Колекция Fall/Winter 2014 AdidasNEO Label


Селена е в Л.А.

На летището в Miami, Florida (12.07)


Miami, Florida (12.07)


На летището в Miami, FL (11.07)


С фенове (12.07)


Селена в Маями (12.07)


@mindyselena: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank youuuu soo much @selenagomez


@jtabraue: @selenagomez you’re a queen and mean the world to me.. I’m obsessed with u. I love you


@sgomezfever: I FUCKING MET SELENA GOMEZ!!!!!!!!!!!


@Katie_Manning: Just met @selenagomez. What a sweetheart! #jvi bachelorrtte 


Отиването на Селена в Ню Йорк е било свързано с роля в голям филм.

@osnapitsamyy: Just met @selenagomez again before she leaves NYC 🙈💕😘


Селена си тръгва от “Chipotle Mexican Grill”  (10.07)


@officialdolbysel: #tbt with @selenagomez at a #DOL event in London. #europeanlaunch #love ✈️


@osnapitsamyy: My beautiful #queen @selenagomez giving me a big hug 😍💕


@AbrahamJoshua16: 😍😉@selenagomez


Селена пристига в хотела си в Ню Йорк (10.07)


@SwiftAndBiebs: Here’s a pic of the pic we took after we stopped crying 😭😭😭😭






Селена в “Chipotle Mexican Grill” (10.07)


@gwenysloco: tbt – ❤️




@kidrauhl_nyc: Just seen @selenagomez again thank you for stopping for us


@moshecohen9: Me and @selenagomez today thank you !!!


Ню Йорк (10.07)




Селена с фенове в Ню Йорк (10.07)


@huxch: Happy 4th 🇺🇸 🎉


@lexlimbu: Saw this photo of @selenagomez at Krishnarpan restaurant when I went there to eat. Beauty!


@springbreakers: this is the american dream. happy 4th y’all


@officialdolbysel: #fbf Striped and perfectly styled for today. #happyfourthofjuly #usa #freedom




@officialdolbysel: Painting the town red on the eve before our 🇺🇸4th of July 🇺🇸Celebration! #tbt #westchesterappearance


Behaving Badly – нов стил


Снимка на Селена по време на концерт на Бруно Марс (29.06.2013)



@sonyanimation: The Art and Making Of #HotelTransylvania. ✏🎨📚 #HotelT #SonyAnimation #Animation #Movies #Mavis


@ajadepaolo: last night you made me get over my fears, i thank you for that. choose the people around you carefully, make sure they motivate you, creatively stimulate you & push you to you true potential. ❤️


@cmpxsr: @selenagomez x @cmpxsr x @steviemackey #goodvibesonly


“Dream Out Loud”



Селена си тръгва от къща на приятел (30.06)


Нови стилове от “The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex”


@justinbieber: #class


@SierraWager: So this was either Selena Gomez or her identical twin


@brodiegallant: Had a fun night partying with @selenagomez last night


Нов промоционален постер на “Behaving Badly”


@theabbeyweho: We were ready so she came and got it! Hi @selenagomez !! #wehonights #abbey #sinfulfridays at The Abbey Food & Bar | West Hollywood


@translucentbrownsugar: Precious Pumpkinzzz @ericcanson @steviemackey @selenagomez @emmakayfox


@steviemackey: Ayyyeee! @selenagomez


@nialaya_jewelry: The beautiful Selena Gomez rocking some of her new Nialaya Jewelry from Justin Bieber…🙏❤️ #nialaya#hollywood #jewelry #justinbieber #selenagomez #jb #jelena


Рядка снимка от 2010


@dolbysel: #fbf @selenagomez wearing the always trendy plaid shirt! #dol #Selenators #vintagefashion


@D_DELUISE: #throwbackthursday @selenagomez @comeagainjen @DavidHenrie remembering fun times on #wizards 🙂


@charmladonna: Is it Thursday yet??? 😜


Редки снимки на Джелена без тагове


@riawnacapri: ✨Wow! Such an awesome write up on @Eonline! Click the link in my profile to read our interview! 👯#soblessed #nothingbutsmiles #lovemyjob #thankful 🙌☀️✨


Селена отива в звукозаписно студио (23.06)



Селена си тръгва от ресторант Craig в West Hollywood (23.06)


Селена пристига в ресторант Craig в West Hollywood (23.06)


@ericcanson: She has the coolest video apps #selenagomez


Нови стилове на Селена от  “Wizards Waverly Place: Season 4: Episode 23 – Get Along, Little Zombie” 


Джъстин и Селена си тръгват от звукозаписно студио в Л.А. (21.06)


@Stylesip: And this is how we do #LazySunday.


Джъстин и Селена в зоопарка в Л.А. (22.06)




@ugomozie: Meanwhile in LA, #JustinBieber attends the movies with #SelenaGomez | Tap for outfit Details: Style Direction by #UgoMozie. 🔥


Джъстин и Селена си тръгват от кино в Л.А. (20.06)



@stalkersarah: Faves 💗 @justinbieber @selenagomez


Джъстин и Селена си тръгват от ресторант Mastro в Beverly Hills, California (20.06)


Джъстин и Селена си тръгват от кино в Л.А. (20.06)



Снимки на къщата на Селена в Calabasas, CA



@Merssdz: My pic with Selena Gomez in Madrid


@yoncelieber: I look terrible but thank you so much @selenagomez


@biebezmahone: Okay I’ll post a candid of SELENA and I now 🙈😏 @selenagomez


@poobear: @justinbieber – somebody’s sleeping ! HB!


Селена с фенове (19.06)



@toddjgriz: #tbt #legend #bigfundamental #spurs


Selena Gomez: ‘I’m Living in a Bubble’

@DanKloefflerABC: Selena Gomez is bursting her bubble @selenagomez @UNICEF @ABC @YahooNews



@JaredEng: #tbt #2009 @selenagomez @JakeTAustin @DavidHenrie in Puerto Rico on the movie set of #wizardsofwaverlyplace 😂


Селена отива на обяд в ресторант Cecconi (18.06-West Hollywood, California)


Снимка на имението на Селена в Calabasas, CA


Джъстин и Селена пристигат/тръгват си от звукозаписно студио в Hollywood (18.06)


@SonyAnimation: Are you ready for #HotelTransylvania 2? Coming Fall 2015! But first, let us take a #GROUFIE! #HotelT2 #SonyAnimation


@keith2.0: Having some relaxing away from the party time on the Pali roof with the lovely miss @selenagomez doing are “don’t mess with us band pose” and friends @ford_smith @darbigwynn


На рождения ден на Алфредо (16.06)






Селена отива в мол в Studio City, California (16.06)





Нова рядка снимка на Селена


Селена е спечелила  Fave International Artist award  на наградите Much Music Video!!!!

Kenny Hamilton защитава Селена относно лъжливата статия на Hollywood Life

@courtneyjbarry: play time with baby


@oylowe: “@emily_polson: Wow remember when I met Selena Gomez”


@drewacm: 😭


@steviemackey: Making music with this beautiful talented girl😎 #music #voice


Dream Out Loud:  if you remember this #DreamOutLoud collection! #TBT


@officialdolbysel: #fbf to our 2011 Fall season when bows were the trend.


В Л.А. (12.06)


@_marissamarino: One of the many reasons I love this girl – she does what she wants! Instead of going lighter for summer, she went darker and shorter and looks stunning! ✂️haircut by @riawnacapri and color by me 😉#changeitup #newtrends #dark #short #901girl



@ninezeroone: 💁 #901girl @selenagomez rocking her rich 🍫 color by #901artist @_marissamarino and cut ✂️ by co-founder @riawnacapri! 📷 by @justjaredjr #ninezeroone #shortforsummer



@eonline: @selenagomez shows off her toned tummy in this black and blue look. Doesn’t she look fabulous?!


@justinbieber: “Our love is Unconditional”


Рядка снимка на Селена с Ashley Benson


Селена си тръгва от салон Nine Zero One Salon в West Hollywood (10.06)



@dolbysel: Make like our #wcw and get your vest on!



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