DJ Tay James говори за Джъстин



soundzgram: @treysongz + @justinbieber 🚀 dat foreign!!!!


lakingsvalleyic: #Bieber is a fan of brownie!


lakingsvalleyic: The rink had a special guest stop by a little earlier today. Can you find his face among the happy stick time participants? #thebieb #hockey


huckzam81: #bieber came and played some hockey today. #justinbieber #justinbeiber #hockey #rinklife



justinbieber: Gotcha @thepatricknilsson


justinbieber: @johnny is an emoji



djtayjames: LA ….@justinbieber classic


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@djtayjames: My boss my brother @justinbieber



@justinbieber: Harajuku


@justinbieber: Bye Japan



@justinbieber: ♛



@justinbieber: Where to next?



@justinbieber: Love your neighbor as yourself. And btw your neighbor isn’t just the one next door 😉 #wordsofencouragement ♛



@nicholson101: Went out of his way to surprise me on my day. #goodfriend #haveacupcake #hereillhelpyou

@bowwow: Chopping game w/ Bieber couple summers ago! Telling him how the game is and what to prepare for! Being young in this game comes w/ responsibility. Hes young we all go through it. I had people round me who was over protective thats how i gotta away w all my dirt! He gone bounce back! Dont stress lil homie!


@djtayjames: Finesse


@justinbieber: Great night in the studio ♛


@djtayjames: Business only #weknowthedj



@justinbieber: Life is worth living again