djalizay: Back in L.A. Cc: @gallo_deuce #weknowthedj


justinbieber: A long story short


calvinklein: Can’t touch this. Flashback to @justinbieber live onstage during #fashionrocks. #mycalvins #fb




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justinbieber:My two brothers killin it at the Hillsong conference. Gods moving. Love u guys

jonboogiee: I just finished a show here in PR and I realized something. @jtruth3 and I was here this exact day last year same venue same hotel Oct. 19th 2013 with the lil bro @justinbieber God I see your work 🙏 #1YearBelieveTourPuertoRico

justinbieber: The way u make me feel

The way u make me feel

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scooterbraun: #facetimemoments from london with @justinbieber “what is that chicken?” lol

pierre: #selfiesunday this one time w/ @khalil @justinbieber

justinbieber: As long as I get there.


alfredoflores: #1YearBelieveTourPuertoRico




justinbieber: @patrick


shots: See exclusive shots of the Champ @FloydMayweather training @JustinBieber #TMT

liltwist: @justinbieber



floydmayweather: @justinbieber aka money bags


floydmayweather: Me and @justinbieber



theharlemhotboy: @justinbieber Getting His Training On. #WorkAbility #TMT


justinbieber: Me and the champ @floydmayweather training tonight

justinbieber: Yammpp



justinbieber: Back at it


justinbieber: Cali boii


justinbieber: Double R


johnny: Talking life with my boy


justinbieber: About to post something funny on my Vine. Go look lol.

justinbieber: @stevestreza – u changed ur hair back atta boy

johnny: Get off your phone and let’s eat breakfast.

justinbieber: Early mornings with @johnny