justinbieber: Me and the bieber fam



justinbieber: My little cuz diggin for gold



justinbieber:  A kid asked me are you a clown cuz ur hair on the side of ur head looks weird 😭😭😂😂😂😭😭





justinbieber: thanks @mcdonalds for the selfie stick


justinbieber: Perfection


matthewespinosa: Woof




shots: Go outside and do something fun this weekend!


justinbieber: Coachella



matthewespinosa: 2 squirrels In a little world just tryna figure it out 




kingbach: we just made one of the best Vines ever @nashgrier @sammy @nickdemoura @justinbieber #coachella


justinbieber: The boys @nashgrier @kingbach @nickdemoura


sammy: Perfect weather for Badminton tourney with @justinbieber @nashgrier @kingbach @matthewespinosa @johnny @nickdemoura @haileybaldwin #Coachella


sammy: #Polaroids #Coachella



johnny: @sammy – go home Sammy boy


johnny: boys night w/ @nickdemoura and @justinbieber


justinbieber: Comedy club watching @danecook with @johnny


justinbieber: Staring contest with @moneyyaya at the @floydmayweather press conference



justinbieber: Hello old bieber hair



justinbieber: Nails on fleek